Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Yaxin Bai

DoorDash / Product Designer

Yaxin Bai joined the C2A jury in July 2023

Yaxin Bai is a Brooklyn-based artist and award-winning multidisciplinary designer. Her design background is rooted in a solid foundation of brand design, interaction design, and product design. Beyond that, she has embraced the role of a creator, bringing multiple interactive installations and exhibitions to life. What truly drives her is the fusion of craftsmanship and the transformative potential of design and technology to establish meaningful connections between people, cultures, and objects.

Current work

Yaxin Bai currently works at DoorDash as product designer, where she leads design and product strategy on DoorDash Storefront. Her primary focus revolves around developing features that empower merchants to thrive in the rapidly expanding online food ordering landscape, which has become a significant player in the food industry. One main intiative she leads is brand customization feature, which is assisting merchants in expressing their unique visual branding personality on their online ordering page. With this feature merchant can truely feel DoorDash Storefront is an extension of their physical store and their digital branding. By infusing the merchant’s online ordering page with their authentic branding, customers can immerse themselves in the merchant’s brand story and feel a genuine connection with the food being offered. Through her work, she has a profound impact on helping merchants adapt to the fast-paced digital ordering environment, enabling them to efficiently grow their businesses. By showing merchant’s authentic brand personality to their online appearance and streamlining operations, merchants can devote their attention to their true passion: crafting exceptional food and delivering outstanding customer experiences. It’s immensely rewarding for her to contribute to their success and witness the positive changes their solutions bring to their operations.

Apart from her product design role

Yaxin Bai’s interactive installization creation on “Room for Tea” is the winner in the Pop-up Stores/Retail category on C2A awards, this exhibition has been showcased in both New York and Shanghai, captivating audiences with its immersive and engaging design.“Room for Tea” is an immersive experience celebrating the diversity of tea around the world. The exhibit celebrated tea through visually and experientially representing both the culture behind it and the feelings evoked during preparation and consumption, both through smell and taste. The design was inspired by a wide range of diverse teas throughout the world. Included were highlights of milk tea, bubble tea, traditional Chinese tea, Japanese tea ceremonies, and mint tea. In parallel, contemporary accents carried the exhibition from the entrance through the exit. With her leading design effort in this exhibition it was attended by 8,600 visitors in both New York and Shanghai.

a delightful photo capturing a moment of Yaxin Bai creativity

To extend her love for design, art and food, Yaxin Bai created “Cotton Candy and Daydream” an interactive showcase that combines new media with food to create an dreamy playground with color saturated environments. The exhibition utilizes cutting edge technology in order to bring the audience a multi-dimensional and tactile experience with
the inclusion of smell, taste, and sound. Cotton Candy and Daydream was made up of 11 rooms, distinctly designed with different themes that allowed for viewers to enjoy a unique artistic experience. As a lead designer behind Cotton Candy and Daydream, she was not only pivotal to the creation of every room featured in the exhibition, but also played an imperative role in the design of all marketing with the success of Cotton Candy and Daydream, this exhibition has enjoyed extensive recognition in the media for its original designs and innovative expositions that break down the barriers of the traditional notions of art. The work has also been recognized by the ChineseContemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition, a notable showcase that acts as a record of the year’s top artistic
achievements in contemporary art.

Beyond her design work

Yaxin Bai has a deep passion for nurturing talent in the design community. She actively mentors aspiring designers from around the world, including mentees from countries such as the United States, Libya, South Korea, Canada, China, and India. Guiding these young designers in their growth and development has been an
incredibly fulfilling experience for her.


“Yaxin Bai touched on key things for my brand redesign that i wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, loved her approach and cannot wait to have more session with her”
– Imatoya Ladipo project lead at EQQOLAB

“I learned so much during my session where I wanted to focus on improving my UI design skills. Yaxin Bai was able to point out how I can further improve the visual hierarchy. I was able to look at my original final draft differently and see how my previous design choices no longer worked. Although I wanted to focus on improving my visual design skills, I also exercised some product thinking that goes hand-in-hand with improving the
mockup. Thank you for the great session!”
– Kristelle Batucal User Experience Designer at serviceMob

“I had the pleasure to talk to Yaxin Bai, and it was an incredibly positive experience. Yaxin’s expertise in our industry was extensive, and she provided me with invaluable insights and guidance that helped me improve in my work as a product designer.”
– Fatima Shaban UI/UX designer at Preto Eat

This exposure has also sharpened her ability to appreciate diverse cultural perspectives and evaluate design work from a global standpoint, enhancing their creative vision and understanding of design’s impact on a broader scale.
In summary, Yaxin Bai is an exceptional talent as an award-winning multidisciplinary designer and artist, her work to empowering merchants in the digital food ordering landscape, her work on immersive installation exhibitions and my dedication to mentor designers has made a significant impact in the creative industry, and she continues to strive for innovation, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.