MEDIA – PRESS Mentions

Winners of the Creative Communication Award (C2A) bask in the limelight of extensive media coverage, garnering attention from both local and global outlets.

Here’s a glimpse of the widespread media recognition they receive:

Frost Creative – 2023 Creative Communication Award (C2A) Winners!
PR NewsWire – Meet the Designer Behind MindUp
The Business Desk – Nottingham creative agency decides it’s time for a new name
BHuntr – C2A Creative Communication Award 2023 C2A創意傳播獎
PhotoContest Guru – Creative Communication Awards 2023
Aestetica Magazine – Avenues of Exploration
News Wire – Global Recognition for Creativity and Innovation: BTI Shines with 14 Prestigious Awards
Recursos Culturales – Creative Communication Awards abre su convocatoria 2023
Photo Magazine – Concursuri de fotografie in perioada urmatoare la care poti participa si de acasa
Photo Deadlines – Creative Communication Awards 2023
Antonia Skaraki – C2A awards 2023
Hawk – Creative Communication Award für „Sichtbar – Frauen in der Architektur”
Good Morning – Two calendars honored with Creative Communication Award
Skyline – MarCom Group wins Creative Communication Awards
MarCom Group – MarCom Group Wins Two International Creative Awards
Nagaoka Institute of Design卒業生の五十嵐祐太さんが『Creative Communication Awards ’23』で2部門受賞
Harajaku Design – 「C2A Creative Communication Award 2022」受賞
Japan Design – 桑沢デザイン研究所の学校案内書が、「Creative Communication Award 2022」で最高位を受賞
Trend Hunter – Motivating Journaling Apps
Catchword Branding – Catchword Creative Director Erin Milnes Joins Creative Communication Award (C2A) Jury
Bored Panda – 2022 Winners Of The Creative Communication Awards (20 Pics)
Dale M Reid Photography – Art with a human touch!
Oak Studios – Dropmark receives C2A award for UI Design
DLR Group – 2022 Creative Communication Award: Other Graphic Design Winner
HSE University, Art & Design – Преподаватель Школы дизайна НИУ ВШЭ — на Creative Communication Award
A Goodson – Anna Goodson/ Jury Member / THE CREATIVE COMMUNICATION AWARD (C2A)
Red Stone – Red Stone awarded in C2A Awards, San Francisco
Ouno Creative – 2021 C2A Awards
Make Use Of – The 2021 Creative Communication Award Is Now Taking Submissions
Just Creative – Global Strategy Awards & Festivals – 2021
NEO2 – Premios C2A a la comunicación creativa: Los ganadores
Columbia College Chicago – Echo, Catalyst 2021 Design Team Recognized With International Awards
iTech Brand – The 2021 Creative Communication Award Is Now Taking Submissions
Idea Show – 2021 Creative Communication Award
Techno Guru – Der 2021 Creative Communication Award nimmt jetzt Einreichungen entgegen
PubliMark – Tercera edición de los Creative Communication Award
Third And Grove – TAG Celebrates Award-Winning Website Designs
Dots Inc – Kuuのパッケージデザインが「C2A Creative Communication Award」を受賞しました。
Hochschule Augsburg, University of Applied Sciences – „Perspectives – Making the Web Accessible“ erhält zwei Creative Communication Awards C2A
Thushima Design – C2A Creative Communication Award Winner
Digi Ground – Creative Communication Award 2020 Winner
Metajive – Metajive wins Best of Best 2020
Webtage – Creative Communication Award in UX/UI
ATG Europe – ATG Europe contributes to winning three C2A Awards for ESTEC’s Mars Interactive Touch Tables
2Bplusphoto – Creative Communication Award
Dexigner – 2020 Winners of the Creative Communication Award Announced
Next TV – Human Experience Agency MOD Earns Three Creative Communication Awards

… and many more.

PR and Media Kit

Mission of C2A:

At the heart of C2A’s mission lies a dedicated commitment to champion creativity and recognize the efforts of designers and creative minds who pour their skill and dedication into their projects. Whether their stories unfold through captivating graphics or eloquent words, in still or moving forms, digital or analog, C2A believes these narratives matter—they are significant and merit acknowledgment, sharing, and celebration.
The company’s core objective is to unearth and promote talent in these realms, achieved through dynamic competitions, prestigious awards, fostering artist communities, facilitating networking opportunities, and more.

C2A Organizational Scope:

C2A curates a diverse platform for creative expression and innovation, organizing competitions across 18 distinctive categories.
From the realms of graphic design and communication to the realms of photography, advertising, and digital media, the Creative Communication Awards serve as a beacon for recognizing unparalleled originality and ingenuity.

A distinguished panel of industry experts, celebrated for their discerning judgment and unwavering standards, meticulously evaluates entries, ensuring that the winners stand out for their exceptional contributions in their respective domains.

Media Invitation:

Attention to all media professionals covering the latest developments in design!

We extend an exclusive invitation for you to delve into the Press Media Files, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of content and visuals.
This access empowers you to provide comprehensive coverage of the Creative Communication Award (C2A)’s most recent PRESS RELEASES. Capture the essence of creativity and innovation as we showcase the stories, designs, and individuals that have earned the prestigious C2A accolades. Your coverage plays a pivotal role in amplifying the impact of these remarkable achievements—join us in spreading the spirit of creativity to a global audience.

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More than just an award, the C2A is an initiative, an accolade, and an opportunity. Offering unparalleled levels of exposure to an esteemed international audience, the C2A is an incredible chance to push your work to the next level.


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We award and celebrate excellence in communication design, advertising, digital media, and other related fields.

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All benefits of winning C2A are included in the submission fees.