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Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

My Linh Mac

MMAC Visual Art & Design Studio / Visual Designer, Multimedia Artist and Educator

My Linh Mac joined the C2A jury board

My Linh Mac is a multimedia artist, visual designer, and art educator based in Chicago; renowned for her digital and traditional oil paintings as well as her innovative ‘galactic/no-brush’ Ranbu painting series. Her artistic style, characterized by deep and vibrant accent colors, captures beauty in ordinary settings. My Linh Mac’s work encompasses various genres, including conceptual, abstract, figurative, and contemporary art, while her digital and visual design projects cater to commercial audiences.

My Linh Mac's artistic style


Born and raised in Saigon, My Linh Mac’s artistic journey began early as she traveled the world, studying in Singapore and Tasmania, Australia, before moving to the United States to further her education. My Linh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Painting from Valparaiso University, a Master’s degree in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and a second Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship for the Creatives from Columbia College Chicago (CCC). Her extensive educational background and entrepreneurial experience have strengthened her credibility as a multidisciplinary expert.


My Linh Mac’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and cultural background. Throughout her career, she has experimented with various artistic mediums, including painting, drawing, digital art, and graphic design. Her diverse and dynamic body of work explores themes of identity, memory, and cultural heritage. My Linh’s ability to create a sense of depth and dimension in her paintings, by layering colors and textures, is particularly evident in her Ranbu (2019) and Constellation (2022) painting series. She combines traditional painting techniques with an unconventional approach to design elements to create a unique visual language. My Linh’s multimedia artworks are represented by the Angard Art Hotel, Brauer Museum in Indiana, the Queen Victoria Museum and Gallery in Australia, the Museum of Outstanding Design (MOOD) in Italy, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum in South Korea, and are displayed in various exhibitions and private collections worldwide.


In 2016, My Linh Mac founded MMAC Visual Art & Design Studio to inspire others through her art and assist emerging companies, brands, and creative individuals in developing their identities and voices through her designs. Specializing in brand identity and strategy, she creates original visual concepts across digital, print, and social media platforms. With over seven years of experience, My Linh has collaborated with numerous brands, including SCOPE, Darryll Schiff Fine Art, Tigerkubz, Amazon Kindle, and SHEIN. Her design works consistently prioritize storytelling, visual communication, technical innovation, user accessibility, and environmental sustainability. By combining her artistic sensibilities with her knowledge of design principles, My Linh is able to create visually striking and memorable designs that resonate with audiences. Her solo branding and packaging design projects have earned accolades from prestigious international design establishments, such as the Indigo Design Award in Georgia, DNA Design Paris in France, A Design Award in Italy, and C-IDEA Award in South Korea.


In addition to her work as an artist and designer, My Linh Mac is an active member of the global art community. She participates in Guinness World Record exhibition (BE ** PART 2020), institutional conferences, and professional training workshops, where she shares her insights and experiences with fellow artists, curators, and collectors. She has served as a jury member for several creative organizations on a global scale in a leadership capacity for many years, including the Creative Communication Award (C2A) in Los Angeles, the Davey Award, Communicator Award, and W3 Award (by AIVA) in New York, among others. Her annual involvement in these events has helped her build a strong network with many field experts through collaborations within the creative community

My Linh Mac is an active member of the global art community

My Linh Mac’s dedication to her craft extends beyond her artistic practice. In her role as an educator, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the historical and cultural context of art. By exposing her students to a wide range of artistic styles and movements, she helps them to develop a deeper appreciation for the rich history of art and the diverse perspectives that have shaped its evolution. Through her teaching, she encourages students to explore different mediums and techniques, pushing them to take risks and embrace their expression. Her unique approach to art and design, combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in various fields, has made a significant impact on the global creative scene. As she continues to inspire others through her work, My Linh’s artistic legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on her audiences.