Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Jiayuan Wang

Vision Studio / Co-founder & Design Director

Jiayuan Wang joined the C2A jury in June 2024

About Jiayuan Wang

Jiayuan Wang is a distinguished designer specializing in digital media, UX/UI, and product design, currently based in Seattle, WA. With a robust educational background, including a Bachelor of Architecture from Boston Architectural College and a Master’s degree in Design from the University of Pennsylvania, Jiayuan’s work epitomizes the integration of aesthetics and functionality.

Professional Journey

Jiayuan’s journey in the design world began with architectural design, where she developed a keen sense of spatial awareness and technical proficiency. Her transition to digital media and UX design was driven by a passion for creating user-centric solutions that resonate with diverse audiences.
As the Co-founder and Design Director at Vision Studio, Jiayuan leads innovative projects like Relief AI, an AI-integrated platform for landscape design. Her work here emphasizes sustainability, practicality, and the seamless integration of user aspirations with tangible garden designs. Jiayuan also spearheaded the design for SafeHarbor, further cementing her reputation as a leader in digital design.

Previous Roles and Achievements

Jiayuan’s diverse portfolio includes roles such as Information Architect at the University of Washington Continuum College, where she overhauled the SharePoint “LE Resource Site,” significantly improving content organization and accessibility. At The Sustainable Living Guide, she led the development of a sustainable branding and UX/UI strategy, creating a comprehensive Design System in Figma and enhancing user experiences for various stakeholders.
At Geward, a cloud-based restaurant management software company, Jiayuan developed innovative UX strategies for both B2B and B2C platforms, resulting in a 20% increase in operational efficiency. Her work on the Super Admin Portal and Restaurant Manager/Service Tablet interface received international acclaim and several prestigious awards.

During her tenure at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Jiayuan designed a B2B patient insight dashboard for physicians, drastically reducing patient information retrieval time. Her user-centered approach involved conducting user interviews, leveraging research methods, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to iterate and improve designs.

Industry Recognition

Jiayuan’s contributions to design have earned her numerous awards, including the IF Design Award, UX Design Award, IDA Design Award, Muse Design Award, Indigo Design Award, and NY Design Award. Her work has been showcased in prominent exhibitions like the 2024 Kent Summer Art Exhibit and Anacortes Arts Festival. Additionally, her design for the cover of “Landscapes in Process” Issue 27 at the University of Pennsylvania has been prominently published.

Leadership and Mentorship

Beyond her design work, Jiayuan serves as a judge for several esteemed design awards, including AIVA (Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts), Spark Awards, Web Awards, Orpetron Web Design, Shorty Impact Awards, and the Telly Awards. Her involvement in these roles reflects her dedication to advancing the design industry and mentoring emerging designers.

Philosophy and Vision

Jiayuan’s approach to design is deeply rooted in storytelling. She believes that design is not just about aesthetics or functionality; it’s about conveying a narrative, engaging users, and creating memorable experiences. This philosophy is embedded in her work, making each design more than just an interaction—it becomes a story in motion.

In essence, Jiayuan Wang represents the modern digital designer: one who understands the evolving dynamics of the tech industry, respects the power of narrative, and strives to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also impactful. Her adaptability, expertise, and vision position her at the forefront of the design world, ready to shape the future of user experience and digital media design.
Jiayuan Wang at work