Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Mingzhi Cai

Mastercard / Senior Product Experience Designer

Mingzhi Cai joined the C2A jury in July 2024.

About Mingzhi Cai

Mingzhi Cai is a versatile and multi-disciplinary designer whose expertise spans across product design, AR/VR, visual design, and design systems. Currently, she is immersing herself in fintech product design, where she is dedicated to streamlining and enhancing digital enterprise solutions.

Design Journey

A pivotal moment in Mingzhi Cai’s design journey was her participation in an international user experience design competition organized by UXPA China. Leading her team, she conceptualized an innovative VR-based online concert experience that delved into the dynamic interactions between fans and their idols. Their dedication and creativity earned them the prestigious national silver award, along with accolades for visual presentation and VR excellence. This victory was a significant milestone, marking a turning point in her UX design trajectory.

To further her passion and expertise, Mingzhi Cai moved to the United States to pursue a master’s degree, where she explored the limitless applications of immersive technology. In one notable project, she simulated a virtual shovel inside VR and mapped it to a real shovel prop, enhancing realism and immersion through the integration of multiple sensors. This innovative approach allowed players to experience a heightened sense of realism as they used the shovel to dig within a virtual desert, unveiling story fragments along the way. In another AR project, she experimented with mapping virtual objects onto real-world scenes using gamification elements. This allowed players to scan a street sign to unlock a virtual location or pass a bouquet by scanning a flower basket on their device, blending the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

While AR/VR technology captivated Mingzhi, Mingzhi Cai felt an undeniable pull towards the foundational aspects of UX design. Her pragmatic nature led her to the problem-solving facets of design rather than its more expressive or entertaining aspects. This realization prompted her to pivot back to traditional UX design, aligning her passion with her innate curiosity about the mechanics of the business world. This transition deepened her conviction that design should foremost aid people. Mingzhi’s journey, which began at a client-facing agency working with diverse products and business models, now finds her delving into the intricacies of finance at Mastercard. Each step of the way, she has embraced new perspectives and understandings about the world and its people, using UX design as her lens.

Navigating the intricate world of fintech, Mingzhi Cai faced the challenge of presenting complex data efficiently. Recognizing the repetitive nature of design, she worked towards refining and standardizing design workflows. Her efforts culminated in mid-2022 when she led a team in revamping their design system. This newly revamped system is now utilized by over 30 designers across more than 15 products, enhancing its configurability and significantly boosting team efficiency. The result was a noteworthy 200%+ increase in usage. This milestone inspired Mingzhi to continue learning and sharing her knowledge with both her internal team and the broader design community. Through her Figma profile and Medium post, she has been able to share her work and insights, resonating with a significant number of design enthusiasts.

Broad interests

Despite her numerous accomplishments in design, Mingzhi does not see herself merely as a “designer”. She is an eternal learner, ever-curious and constantly evolving. Her journey is one of synthesis, blending different cultures, disciplines, and inspirations. From savoring diverse culinary palettes and capturing serendipity through her camera lens, to absorbing the rich tapestry of museums and plays, every experience adds a hue to her design canvas. Mingzhi’s story is one of continuous discovery and unbridled passion, always seeking new ways to merge her varied interests and insights into her design practice.

Mingzhi’s journey reflects a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, where each experience and project contributes to her growth as a designer and a thinker. Her work in fintech, particularly at Mastercard, showcases her ability to adapt and excel in high-pressure environments, transforming complex data into user-friendly interfaces. Her success in creating and implementing a robust design system demonstrates her leadership and commitment to improving workflow efficiency.

In essence, Mingzhi Cai embodies the spirit of a modern designer, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in design while staying grounded in her belief that design should primarily serve and enhance human experiences. Her story is far from over, and with each new endeavor, she adds another layer of depth to her already rich and diverse portfolio.