Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Simo Liu

Freelance / Graphic designer & Artist

Simo Liu is a graphic designer and multi-faced artist based in Los Angeles. She works  on graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and animation, combining various  styles, techniques and meanings with creative spirit to achieve various aesthetics.  

Simo served as a graphic designer at Illustration Entertainment, where she worked on  some world famous animated films such as Despicable Me 2, Minions and The Secret  Life of Pets. Also, she worked as an animator at Tokyo Broadcasting Television (TBS) in  Japan. Simo’s recent clients include The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review,  Medium, Mural, etc. She recently created the cover for The Washington Post Magazine which was released on the issue of Feb 7, 2021. 

Simo’s works have received many awards and exhibition selections from all over the  world including D&AD 2021, Society of Illustrator 63, World Illustration Awards 2020,  American Illustration 40 & 39 & 38, 3X3 International Professional show 2019, Applied  Arts Awards 2019, International Motion Art, etc. Many of Simo’s work contains a bright  tone with some humor and wit inside, which haven been featured in Creative Boom,  The Washington Post Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Society of Illustrator  Annual, OSSO Magazine, DPI, 3X3 Annual, Animation Magazine, Hollywood Weekly and many others. 

Simo was a jury member of Summit Creative Award in 2020 and was responsible for  the categories including Branding Campaign, Integrated Campaign, Direct Marketing,  Logo Design, etc.