Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Kritika Kushwaha

Asana / Senior Product Designer

Kritika Kushwaha joined the C2A jury in July 2023

An award winning product designer with a multidisciplinary background, Kritika Kushwaha’s design philosophy centers around creating experiences that contribute to a sustainable and equitable future. She also firmly believes that a great design vision lies at the confluence of user, product, and business goals. Kritika currently leads product design and strategy initiatives at Asana. Prior to this, Kritika led design initiatives for Uber Eats. Some of her noteworthy designs include safe ordering for people with food allergies, plastic-free ordering, and smart dish search, which continue to create impact in the lives of millions of people in over eighty countries. Her safety and sustainability work has been featured in publications including TechCrunch, Forbes, Vox, The Independent, and The Verge for their reach and impact.

Kritika Kushwaha’s design journey has been shaped by a multitude of experiences. Her love for sociology and philosophy drove her to gain an Honors degree in English Literature, where she learned about the importance of storytelling and how it is single-handedly the most intrinsic tool humans have had for eons to understand the world around them. However, she soon learned words alone may not be sufficient in her pursuit to create impact among a diverse audience. This inspired her to study design and learn about the relationship between word and form. The amalgamation of her writing and design skills coincided with the advent of a notable milestone in tech innovation, mobile application and IoT (Internet of Things). Seeing this as an opportunity to create high impact globally, she started her journey as a product designer.

Kritika Kushwaha at her desk

Kritika Kushwaha has been the recipient of several design awards including the prestigious Red Dot Award, two San Francisco Design Week Awards, two Communicator Awards of Excellence, and several Indigo Design Awards including the Shortlist Winner Freelancer of the Year, among others. As an active contributor to the design community, she also serves as the Mentorship Chair of the Interaction Design Association’s Seattle board and has been invited to share her design insights as a guest speaker at prestigious institutions, including the California College of the Arts, and Princeton University.

When not designing, Kritika Kushwaha can be found mentoring budding designers, making music, illustrating, and meditating.