About the Creative Communication Award (C2A)

The mission of the Creative Communication Award is to promote creativity, excellence and outstanding ideas in communication design, advertising and digital media. 

The C2A is an international awards program, and promotional platform for communication designers, agencies, graphic designers, freelancers, digital media designers, and for the world-wide creative community. The most excellent campaigns, creative solutions and ideas are selected and awarded by the renowned international C2A jury.

The C2A is created by the Farmani Group as the sister-initiative of the IDA International Design Awards. The C2A was born as a result of recognizing the need for a program dedicated to discovering and awarding excellence in Communication Design on an international level.

Awards and Promotion

C2A winners will enjoy extensive global publicity throughout the following year in addition to the following benefits:

  • Work showcased on the main page of the website, and in the online gallery exhibition,
  • Press release and newsletter announcements reaching hundred thousands of creative thought leaders, potential clients,
  • Certificate of achievement,
  • C2A Winner’s logo to be used online and on printed materials.

Winners Benefits

C2A winners receive significant, international publicity and exposure. In contrast to many other design awards, all the associated perks of winning C2A are included in your entry fee.  We provide extensive media exposure throughout our media partners.


The C2A competition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world.

Entry Fees

$300* per entry,
$200 per additional category, if same entry is submitted to multiple categories.

If you are a creative working for a nonprofit organization, please contact [email protected] in order to receive reduced fees.

Emerging & Students: 
$80* per entry,
$50 per additional category, if same entry is submitted to multiple categories.

*Fees for the Photography category are $50 for Professionals and $20 for Students.

Please note that there are no further fees for winners services. The award, winners packages and publications are all free of charge. Additional trophies, printed certificates can be ordered on our website.

2020 Deadlines & Key Dates

Early Bird deadline with 20% off submission fees: March 15, 2020
Extended Early Bird deadline with 10% off submission fees: May 31, 2020
Regular deadline: July 31, 2020
-> Final deadline: September 30.

Winners will be announced 4 to 6 weeks after submissions close.

Submission Guidelines

Only digital submissions are permitted and image files must be minimum 1000 pixels on the longest side, 72 pixel/inch and saved as .jpg, in RGB format and not exceed 4MB per file.

You may enter the same entry into as many categories as you see fit. You can also submit as many entries, in as many categories, as you like. All work should be no older than 5 years.


Judging Criteria

Depending on the category the juries are looking for excellence and outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

* Design Excellence: The aesthetic, artistic and visual value of the overall design.
* Creativity & Originality: does the design stand out, provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing product or service? Is the idea original?
* Impact & Emotional Significance: the benefit delivered to the user and/or society by the design.
* Content: Is the writing, script, narrative high quality?
* Technological Innovation: Is the design incorporating suitable and innovative technologies?
* Utility: Does the design meet the intended purpose and needs of the user?
* Emotional quotient: In addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, will the design create a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction?


Professionals – those who earn the majority of their income from design.
Students are also invited to submit their work.


Copyright and all other rights remain with the entrant.