Meet the Jury

Our jury panel is comprised of an international pool of creative industry professionals from art and creative directors, curators, publishers and other influential luminaries.

Jiayan He (何嘉砚)

UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) / Graphic Designer & Design Consultant

Jiayan He (何嘉砚) joined the C2A jury board

Jiayan He is a graphic design expert with over 12 years of experience in data visualization, branding, and editorial design. As a graphic design consultant working with UNICEF, she has been producing visual materials and branding strategies for a variety of UNICEF’s leading projects and products. Her works have been exhibited publicly across continents, reflecting the facts, statistics and actions on the major issues around the world, such as climate change, social protection, health, and well-being of children.

Jiayan He’s enthusiasm and profession were given to editorial design even before her graduation from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), China. Over the years, she has been collaborating with several leading publishing houses in China, and produced award-winning books. Her works often introduce the rich art and culture of ancient and modern China, promote communications between cultures, and provide perspectives that help to enhance people’s perception and understanding of the diversity of each other.

In 2018, Jiayan He’s co-founded “Poster For___. “ International poster design contest. Her work was featured by Adobe Indesign in 2019 as the splash screen of Adobe Indesign 2020.