Various birdhouses designed by Birdhouse

Improving Pet Care with Lingou Li

In this interview, Li talks about her project that focuses on improving pet bird care by challenging subpar products in the market.

About the Project: Birdhouse

Prize: Best of Best in Pet products / Packaging
University: Artcenter College of Design
Lead: Lingou Li

The design of the package by Li includes human-grade food recipes, informative packaging to prevent overfeeding and harmful food choices, and sustainable, interactive toys that support natural resource preservation, representing a comprehensive approach to pet bird well-being.

Birdhouse product packaging presentation

Interview with Lingou Li

1. What inspired the project you submitted to the C2A Awards, leading to your recent success?

Lingou Li: I came up with the idea for ‘Birdhouse’ based on my own experiences. My family used to have two pet birds at home, but we didn’t know how to take care of them properly, and they didn’t survive the winter. This made me see that there are many problems with the pet bird market, like bad bird food and poorly designed supplies. This realization fueled my drive to design solutions that could greatly improve the overall experience for pet bird owners.

2. Can you share how the recognition has influenced your perspective on your creative journey?

Lingou Li: Receiving the Best of Best award at the C2A Awards is a great honor. It’s motivating me to continue pushing creative boundaries. I’m excited to see where this recognition takes me in my creative journey and business ventures.

3. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Lingou Li: My creativity is driven by the fusion of intuitive perception and logical analysis. I’m fascinated by how ideas evolve into tangible realities, and I thrive on taking creative risks to find unique solutions.

4. What are some of the recent challenges you’ve faced in your creative career, and how have you tackled them?

Lingou Li: One of the recent challenges I’ve faced is spending too much time indulging in a single idea. To tackle this challenge, I’ve implemented a solution by setting more frequent, minor deadlines for myself. These deadlines help me stay focused and make choices more efficiently, preventing me from getting stuck on a single idea for an extended period.

Repurposing Birdhouse package into a birdhouse

5. How do you see the C2A award influencing your creative career and leveraging this recognition in your future projects?

Lingou Li: I hope that winning the C2A award will enhance my credibility and reputation in the creative industry. I also hope it will lead to new opportunities, strengthen my portfolio, and inspire emerging creatives as I move forward.

Lingou Li: Innovating for Brighter Futures in Pet Care

In wrapping up our conversation with Lingou Li, the visionary behind ‘Birdhouse’, we are left inspired by a journey that fuses innovation with compassion. Lingou’s groundbreaking work in pet bird care acknowledged at the C2A Awards, transcends mere recognition; it represents a pivotal shift in pet product design. ‘Birdhouse’ is not simply a range of products; it embodies Lingou’s commitment to enhancing the lives of pet birds. Her continued fusion of imaginative ideas with practical applications positions Lingou Li as a key figure in pet care, advocating for the well-being and joy of our winged companions.

Various angles of Birdhouse product packages


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