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Seyed Ahmad Beheshti 's Captivating presentation of the Casio Edifice Watch, adorned with a dynamic light trail drawing

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti on his award-winning advertising photography project

Also known as Arash Beheshti, Seyed Ahmad Beheshti is a Photographer/Graphic Designer whose work earned a C2A winning title.

About the Project: Speed And Intelligence

Prize: Winner in Advertising / Photography
Company: Visual Wiz Studio
Lead: Seyed Ahmad Beheshti
Credits: Photo By Arash Beheshti Studio

The project “Speed And Intelligence,” led by Seyed Ahmad Beheshti at Visual Wiz Studio, creatively highlights the Casio Edifice Watch. It ingeniously employs a light trail around the watch, symbolizing its ability to capture time with intelligence. This design element not only draws the viewer’s attention through the photograph but also harmoniously aligns with the colors of the watch’s face, creating an engaging visual narrative.

Interview with Seyed Ahmad Beheshti

1. What inspired the project you submitted to the C2A Awards, leading to your recent success?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: I have always been captivated and intrigued by the subject of time, which has led to my fascination with watches. They serve as tangible devices that bring the abstract concept of time to life. My interest in watches inspired me to submit a winning project to the C2A Awards. The genesis of my award-winning concept centered around showcasing the character and essence of watches through photography.

My goal was to capture the intricate details, the craftsmanship, and the symbolism that watches represent. Through these photographs, I aimed to create visual narratives that would evoke a sense of time’s significance and mystery. The award-winning project was the culmination of my passion for watch photography and the desire to capture the essence of time itself. It represents the realization of my vision and the dedication I put into it. I am honored that the C2A Awards recognized the concept and execution of my project, bringing my creative vision to a broader audience.

2. Can you share how the recognition has influenced your perspective on your creative journey?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Winning the C2A Awards has had a profound impact on my creative journey and business endeavors. The recognition has provided validation, boosted my confidence, and reinforced my belief in my abilities. It has also increased visibility, attracting new opportunities and collaborations. Overall, the recognition has inspired me to continue pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in my creative pursuits and business ventures.

3. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Finding inspiration is a crucial aspect of creativity. For me, music and observing the works of other artists are my primary sources of inspiration. Music has the power to profoundly impact my creative process while observing the creations of others, sparks new ideas and perspectives. Creativity is a mysterious force that varies for each individual.

To fuel imagination and approach the creative process, one can seek inspiration from various sources, embrace curiosity, create a conducive environment, collaborate with others, learn from failure, balance routine and spontaneity, and continuously learn. It is essential to personalize these strategies and find what works best for staying inspired and innovative.

Casio Edifice Watch on a billboard, demonstrating its prowess with a vivid light trail

4. What are some of the recent challenges you’ve faced in your creative career, and how have you tackled them?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Ensuring timely payments can pose a significant challenge that I frequently encounter. It is frustrating when payments are delayed, causing financial strain and disrupting workflow. To address this challenge, I make sure to communicate payment terms and expectations with clients clearly and proactively.

I may also consider implementing invoicing systems, setting up reminders, or discussing payment schedules upfront to ensure a smoother payment process. Additionally, building strong professional relationships and maintaining open lines of communication can help foster a mutually respectful and efficient payment process.

5. How do you see the C2A award influencing your creative career and leveraging this recognition in your future projects?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Winning the C2A award is a significant accomplishment in the creative industry. It can help me establish my credibility and reputation, validating my skills and expertise. The recognition also has the potential to increase my visibility and open up new opportunities for me.

To make the most of this achievement, I have showcased the award on my social media and website/portfolio. Additionally, I intend to use this recognition to attract new clients and collaborators. Overall, the C2A award is a valuable asset for anyone looking to develop professionally and achieve success in the creative industry.

6. How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you are looking forward to incorporating into your work?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Staying current with industry trends is an ongoing challenge, but I actively engage with professional platforms and networks, where featured work and discussions provide valuable insights into emerging trends.

I also follow industry publications, blogs, and newsletters to stay informed about the latest happenings and innovations. One emerging trend that has caught my attention is artificial intelligence (AI), which I plan to incorporate into my art to produce works that go beyond traditional approaches. By embracing AI, I aim to stay at the forefront of artistic innovation and deliver compelling experiences to my audience.

7. What are your plans and aspirations, and how do you see your creative journey evolving?

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: In terms of my plans and aspirations, I have a two-pronged strategy that involves expanding my creative skills and learning business management. I aim to fuse artistic growth with a comprehensive understanding of the business side of the industry, thereby advancing my creative journey.
Additionally, I aspire to embrace emerging technologies and trends, which will help me stay relevant and deliver compelling experiences to my audience. Ultimately, my goal is to navigate my creative journey with a well-rounded approach that fosters innovation, adaptability, and long-term success.

The Casio Edifice Watch takes center stage on a billboard

Seyed Ahmad Beheshti: Mastering Art in the Sands of Time

As we conclude our exploration of Seyed Ahmad Beheshti’s artistic world, it’s clear that his projects, especially the celebrated ‘Speed And Intelligence’, represent a key turning point in his career. The C2A Award has affirmed his remarkable talent and opened doors for further creative discovery and career advancement. Looking ahead, Beheshti is poised to lead the way in artistic innovation, skillfully blending concepts of time and creativity. We can expect more engaging and thought-provoking work from him as he continues to explore new frontiers in photography and graphic design. With his sharp attention to detail and passion for storytelling, Beheshti’s future work is set to combine expert artistry with groundbreaking creativity.


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