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A Deep Dive into BTI’s Parveen Dhupar’s Recent Triumph at the C2A Awards

Fresh from an inspiring success at the C2A Awards, Parveen Dhupar, the brilliant Chief Creative Officer at BTI Brand Innovations Inc., graciously shares insights into the creative journey that culminated in their recent victory. This exclusive interview explores the profound impact of the C2A recognition, delving into the creative process and the inspiration that fueled the award-winning projects.

About the Project: The Pourium – Rebranding

Project Overview:

Prize: Honorable Mention in Brand design / Branding
Company: BTI Brand Innovations Inc.
Lead: Parveen Dhupar and Danny D’Amario
Client: The Pourium

A strategic decision to rebrand led to the transformation of The Pourium—a wine retailer—with a new visual identity, name, logo, and updated marketing collateral. The project involved the development of a compelling brand story and guidelines, setting the stage for a comprehensive rollout across various channels.

Exclusive Interview with Parveen Dhupar – CCO at BTI Brand Innovations Inc.

1. Fresh from your recent win at the C2A Awards, can you share how the recognition has already influenced your perspective on your creative journey or business endeavors?

Parveen Dhupar: Winning at the C2A Awards has had a significant impact on our perspective, not only in terms of our creative journey but also our strategic approach. The awards serve as a powerful validation of our hard work and creative prowess, resonating throughout our entire organization.

This has reaffirmed our value to our client partners, and ignited a sense of pride and motivation among our staff, reminding us that our work extends beyond the walls of our office. Such recognition also plays a pivotal role in new employee recruitment, and current employee recognition as well as boosting morale and dedication.

Our client partners who share in these accolades, experience a heightened sense of pride and often leverage these awards as a testament to the quality of work we provide, internally and externally. This strengthens our relationships and helps us prove our value when attracting new clients.

We view award recognition as an invaluable opportunity to showcase our achievements within our professional network. By sharing this news through newsletters and on social media, we bolster our brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. This kind of recognition reinforces our position as a dependable, innovative creative partner. It also demonstrates that our campaigns are not only impactful but resonate with our industry peers, further solidifying our reputation.

The C2A Awards have been a catalyst for positive change, fueling our creative journey and boosting our business endeavors in multifaceted ways.

2. Let’s rewind to your journey through the submission and evaluation process for the C2A Awards. What were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises you encountered?

Parveen Dhupar: Looking back at our journey through the submission and evaluation process there were several standout moments, challenges, and surprises that made the experience memorable.

The process began with the submission development – which allowed us to reflect on our most impactful projects from the last year. From ensuring all of the C2A criteria were met, to the deadlines and the competition, it was a detailed process. The collaboration required from our entire team throughout this exercise reminded us of the collective effort that goes into all of the projects we produce. Reflecting now, it was a learning experience that deepened our appreciation for our processes and team.

3. Creativity is a mystic force. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Parveen Dhupar: At BTI, creativity is a force we respect and embrace through all levels of our marketing and sales strategies. The BTI CI (creative intelligence) process ensures our client partner objectives and KPIs are identified, met, and exceeded with meaningful and lasting impact. We challenge ourselves to lead with innovation, weaving it into creative challenges that cross industry boundaries to deliver solutions that drive change. Our imagination is fueled by:

Diverse perspectives – From our team backgrounds to our individual experiences, we believe that creativity thrives when we come together.
Global inspiration – We draw inspiration from the world around us and believe that the most profound creative insights can come from unexpected sources.
Our client partners – Collaborating with our client partners is always inspiring. They have so much understanding about their brand and target audience. Identifying their specific opportunities allows us to create solutions that make their lives easier.

Exploration – We approach all of our projects with a commitment to research and exploration. Whether that’s through the latest tools and technology in the industry or client partner-specific subject matter – knowledge empowers us to always be forward-thinking.

4. Navigating the twists and turns of a creative career often involves overcoming obstacles. What are some challenges you’ve faced, and how have you tackled them?

Parveen Dhupar: Challenges are an intrinsic part of the creative journey and are necessary to achieve personal and professional growth. BTI has developed strategies to tackle these challenges, intending to come out better for it. Most importantly, we prioritize adaptability. “Change” is one of our core values because we see evolution as innovation. Resilience is a big part of this – no one wins every time, but we can always learn from setbacks and use them as opportunities to do something better.

I also brings this commitment to optimism into practice every day at BTI. I believe that to be happy, we must start each day with a positive attitude by controlling the things we choose to think about and by focusing on the now. This is something we remind each other of daily, and it has become ingrained in all of our processes, communications, and outputs at BTI.

5. The ink on your C2A victory is still fresh. In what ways do you anticipate the award impacting your credibility and reputation in the creative industry, and how do you envision leveraging this recognition as you move forward?

Parveen Dhupar: Winning the C2A awards has injected our team with a burst of energy and inspiration.

These awards are a valuable marketing tool for us as we reinforce our position as an industry leader and demonstrate our commitment to our client partners and our team. By referencing recent awards in our marketing and communications, we prove our value, claim our space as thought leaders, and build our reputation in the industry.

6. Networking and collaboration are integral to growth. Have you already seen opportunities or partnerships emerge as a result of your C2A win, and how do you foresee these connections shaping your future in the industry?

Parveen Dhupar: BTI has been the quiet boutique agency flying under the radar yet doing amazing work. for far too long. Through this experience, we are inspired to spend more time celebrating our achievements, to be noticed, and to get more involved with our industry peers, especially as we approach our 25th anniversary.

7. Immediate effects aside, do you foresee winning the C2A Award influencing the demand for your services or products soon?

Parveen Dhupar: The C2A Awards is an immediate celebration for our team, client partners, and peers. Increased demand for our services is a bonus!

8. As a recent C2A Award winner, what aspects of the experience have you found most valuable, and would you encourage others in the creative industry to consider participating?

Parveen Dhupar: Participating in awards like C2A is a great exercise for any agency looking to see how their work measures up against some of the industry’s largest players. The validation and recognition brought by our award bolstered our confidence and reinforced our processes. Award circuits like this one help us to build credibility and attract new opportunities while celebrating the hard work of our team. Winning an award of any kind is a source of immense pride for all of us.

9. Looking ahead, do you see yourself applying for the next edition of the C2A Awards, and what aspects of the competition would motivate you to participate again?

Parveen Dhupar: At BTI, we are a people-first agency. Our people drive our success, whether that is our team, our client partners, or our target audiences, we will continue to participate as long as the result is something that positively impacts our people.

10. Staying current is an ongoing challenge. How do you currently keep abreast of new industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you’re excited to incorporate into your work?

Parveen Dhupar: Staying relevant in the creative industry is essential for our agency’s growth and success. While we use several strategies to ensure we are maximizing the strengths of new technology and trends – it is important for us to always remain rooted in the foundations of sales and marketing basics. We incorporate both of these principles (strong foundations plus innovation) into our work by embodying the value of continuous learning. By vigilantly watching trends and technology, we can learn and experiment to find ways to incorporate them in ways that maximize efficiency, creativity, and results – not just because we have to.

11. Future gazing: what plans and aspirations are on the horizon for you, and how do you anticipate your creative journey evolving?

Parveen Dhupar: We have several plans and aspirations on the horizon that will shape our creative journey in the coming years. Throughout the pandemic, we worked every day to support our community partners, specifically those on the ground making meaningful contributions at a time of immense collective pain.

We came out of that experience changed for the better, and with a new focus on ways we can supplement our creative and marketing strategies. By offering an expanded service offering, BTI Sales Solutions, we are evolving to cater to a broader audience that is already intrinsically linked to the work we do with our marketing, communications, and creative projects.

BTI has always strived to be more than just a marketing and sales agency. We’ve aimed to be a symbol of creativity and innovation, and have done so with an unwavering commitment to making our client partner’s lives easier. Our journey has been one of collaboration, translating sales and marketing goals into strategic plans that create synergy.

12. Zooming in on your recent triumph, what inspired the winning project you submitted to the C2A Awards?

Parveen Dhupar: The two awards we collected at the C2A Awards competition are the result of projects that may seem vastly different on the surface but did have a lot in common. Both projects came from client partners who were looking to update their look to create a memorable brand experience that lets the product do the talking.

For The Pourium, the genesis of our award-winning concept began with a thorough analysis of our client’s unique challenges and objectives. We believe that a successful project is built on a strong foundation of understanding the client’s needs. Through in-depth discussions, we uncovered their desire to create a brand identity that resonated with the evolving tastes and preferences of their target audience. The project’s inspiration came from in-depth research of the industry. We noticed a shifting consumer trend toward embracing nostalgic elements combined with modern design. This insight served as a spark for our creative team to develop a concept that harnessed this trend while creating a brand identity that resonated.

For Just Juice, a brand facing increasing competition on store shelves, they needed a way to update their look while also communicating the USPs for each unique product. Our creative team embarked on a collaborative brainstorming process, involving designers, copywriters, and strategists. Together, we refined the initial idea, enhancing it with innovative design elements and storytelling. The concept was brought to life through a collective effort. The result is a cohesive approach that ensures every aspect of the project embodies our vision.

BTI Brand Innovations Inc.’s Creative Journey Persists

As we wrap up this exclusive interview, it becomes evident that Parveen Dhupar, in tandem with the BTI team, is not merely creating designs but intricately weaving narratives that resonate with both the industry and clients alike. The C2A Awards have served as a powerful catalyst for positive change, propelling their creative journey and business endeavors in multifaceted ways. Looking forward, Parveen Dhupar and BTI envision a horizon filled with aspirations, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to creativity.

Here’s a toast to Parveen Dhupar and the entire BTI team for their recent triumph at the C2A Awards, marking yet another significant milestone in their illustrious creative journey. May the Pourium of success continue to overflow, shaping the future of the creative industry.

Here’s a sample of BTI’s Award Winning Rebranding Project for The Pourium:

The Pourium Rebranding - Branded Vehicle: Mobile marketing with wrapped vehicle and wine bottle on top

The Pourium Rebranding - Stationery: Branding on envelopes, sheets, business cards, and more.

The Pourium Rebranding - Branding Book: Comprehensive book capturing the brand's journey.

The Pourium Rebranding - Outdoor Signage & Window Wraps: Transformative visuals for brand elevation

 The Pourium Rebranding - Interior Wall Decals: Artistic branding


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