The Pourium Rebranding - Redesigned product bottle on a black background with central logo

Parveen Dhupar: Elevating Brand Innovation at BTI

In this conversation, Brittany Zies, Public Relations and Communications Manager at BTI Brand Innovations Inc., shares insights into the recent win at the C2A Awards. Zies discusses the journey behind their award-winning project, “The Pourium”, and the impact of this recognition on their creative pursuits.

About the Project: The Pourium – Rebranding

Prize: Honorable Mention in Brand design / Branding
Company: BTI Brand Innovations Inc.
Lead: Parveen Dhupar and Danny D’Amario
Client: The Pourium

The rebranding of The Pourium, a wine retailer, involved a comprehensive transformation, including a new visual identity, name, logo, and updated marketing collateral. The project aimed to craft a compelling brand story and guidelines for a seamless rollout across various channels.

Interview with Brittany Zies

1. Fresh from your recent win at the C2A Awards, can you share how the recognition has influenced your creative journey and business endeavors?

Brittany Zies: Winning at the C2A Awards has significantly impacted our perspective on both our creative journey and strategic approach. It validates our hard work and creative prowess, resonating throughout our organization and reaffirming our value to our client partners. This recognition boosts morale and motivation, proving our worth to current and prospective clients and enhancing our brand’s credibility. It also serves as a valuable marketing tool, strengthening our reputation and opening doors for new opportunities.

2. Can you describe your journey through the submission and evaluation process for the C2A Awards, and share any standout moments or challenges?

Brittany Zies: The submission and evaluation process was both challenging and memorable. Developing the submission allowed us to reflect on our most impactful projects from the past year. Meeting C2A criteria, adhering to deadlines, and facing competition required detailed collaboration. This process deepened our appreciation for our team and our creative processes. The journey was a learning experience, reminding us of the collective effort involved in all our projects.

3. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process at BTI?

Brittany Zies: At BTI, we respect and embrace creativity at all levels. Our BTI CI (Creative Intelligence) process ensures we meet and exceed client objectives with meaningful impact. Our imagination is fueled by diverse perspectives, global inspiration, and collaboration with our client partners. We approach every project with research and exploration, leveraging the latest tools and technologies to stay forward-thinking.

4. Navigating a creative career often involves overcoming obstacles. What challenges have you faced, and how have you tackled them?

Brittany Zies: Challenges are a natural part of the creative journey. At BTI, we prioritize adaptability and strength. We welcome change as a core value, learning from difficulties and viewing them as opportunities for improvement. Maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the present helps us navigate obstacles and drives our commitment to excellence.

5. How do you foresee the C2A Award impacting your credibility and reputation in the creative industry, and what new opportunities do you anticipate?

Brittany Zies: The C2A Awards have energized our team, reinforcing our position as industry leaders. We leverage this recognition in our marketing and communications to demonstrate our value, claim our space as thought leaders, and build our reputation. This award opens doors for new opportunities and strengthens our credibility in the industry. It inspires us to engage more with our industry peers and celebrate our achievements as we approach our 25th anniversary.

6. Can you discuss the inspiration and creative process behind your winning projects for The Pourium and Just Juice?

Brittany Zies: For “The Pourium”, the inspiration came from in-depth research and a strong understanding of our client’s needs. We aimed to create a brand identity that resonated with evolving consumer preferences. For Just Juice, we focused on updating their look to communicate unique product USPs. Both projects involved collaborative brainstorming, innovative design elements, and storytelling to create memorable brand experiences.

7. How do you stay current with industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you’re excited to incorporate into your work?

Brittany Zies: Staying relevant is essential for our growth. We balance strong foundational principles with innovation, practicing continuous learning. By staying alert to trends and technology, we incorporate new insights to maximize efficiency, creativity, and results. We are particularly excited about integrating new tools and technologies to improve our design process and outcomes.

8. Looking ahead, what plans and aspirations are on the horizon for you and BTI, and how do you anticipate your creative journey evolving?

Brittany Zies: We plan to expand our service offerings, such as BTI Sales Solutions, to serve to a broader audience. Our journey has been one of collaboration, and we aim to continue evolving to make our client partners’ lives easier through strategic and innovative solutions. The pandemic has also shifted our focus towards supporting community partners, which we believe will lead to meaningful contributions and growth.

BTI Brand Innovations Inc.’s Creative Journey Persists

Parveen Dhupar, along with the BTI team, is not just creating designs but crafting narratives that resonate with the industry and clients alike. The C2A Awards have been a driving force for positive change, advancing their creative journey and business endeavors in multifaceted ways. Looking forward, Parveen Dhupar and BTI see a horizon filled with aspirations, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to creativity.

Here’s a toast to Parveen Dhupar and the entire BTI team for their recent win at the C2A Awards, marking yet another significant milestone in their illustrious creative journey. May the Pourium of success continue to overflow, shaping the future of the creative industry.

Here’s a sample of BTI’s Award-Winning Rebranding Project for The Pourium:

The Pourium Rebranding - Branded Vehicle: Mobile marketing with wrapped vehicle and wine bottle on top

The Pourium Rebranding - Stationery: Branding on envelopes, sheets, business cards, and more.

The Pourium Rebranding - Branding Book: Comprehensive book capturing the brand's journey.

The Pourium Rebranding - Outdoor Signage & Window Wraps: Transformative visuals for brand elevation

 The Pourium Rebranding - Interior Wall Decals: Artistic branding


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