Mohamed Zakaria Soltan, a distinguished graphic artist, speaking passionately at a conference, showcasing his creative brilliance.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: C2A Juror and Visionary in Creative Communication

In the vibrant realm of creative communication, one name stands out—Mohamed Zakaria Soltan, a distinguished visual artist and graphic designer hailing from Egypt and serving as a juror for the Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023. His accolades include a PhD in Advertising from the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University, Egypt, and a position as a lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Arts, October 6 University.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan has not only won numerous awards but has also served on international juries and contributed to over 190 group art and design exhibitions worldwide. Let’s dive into an exclusive interview with this luminary and gain insights into his perspectives on creative communication.

Fun Facts about Mohamed Zakaria Soltan

– Mohamed Zakaria Soltan has a rich history of achievements, including winning the first Engraving prize in the “A Nation’s Crossing” contest organized by the Ministry of Culture, Egypt, in 2013.

– Beyond his creative endeavors, Mohamed Zakaria Soltan has actively participated in conferences worldwide, adding his voice to discussions on design and art.

– With an impressive collection of certificates from international art biennales in China and Europe, Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s works have left an indelible mark on the global art scene.

About Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s Creative Odyssey

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s creative journey spans a multitude of projects, exhibitions, and accolades. His works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions across 19 different locations worldwide, showcasing the universal appeal of his art. From Cairo, Egypt, to Seoul, Korea, his posters and designs have left an indelible imprint on diverse cultures.

Exclusive Interview: Mohamed Zakaria Soltan Shares His Insights

1. Criteria for Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023

C2A: As a juror for the Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023, what specific criteria did you find most essential in evaluating submissions, and how did these align with the overall goals of the awards?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: As a juror & in my opinion, all the criteria of the Creative Communication Awards (C2A) 2023, are very important to be a perfect guide to the jury team member and objective too, such as:
– Aesthetic & Creativity Values
– Originality
– Usability
– Technology & Innovation
– Emotional Intelligence
– Social Responsibility
– the suitable Content
– & meet the audience

I can summarize them into 4 dimensions:
– Aesthetic Dimension include: Aesthetic, Creativity, Originality
– Content, Usability & Emotion Dimension
– Technology & Innovation Dimension
– Audience & Society Dimension

And I think that my dimensions are covered the C2A 2023 criteria of measurements.

2. Standout Creativity in Communication

C2A: Can you share a specific project or aspect of a submission that stood out to you and exemplified exceptional creativity in communication?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: In general, the level presented in this year’s competition is wonderful and creative in general, but I find that when technology and creativity are added to fine art, it becomes more beautiful, and this is what I found in many of the submitted projects.

3. Trends and Shifts in the Communication Landscape

C2A: In your opinion, how did the entries this year reflect current trends and shifts in the communication landscape, and were there any surprising or noteworthy observations?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: I noticed a large amount of diverse artistic trends in many of the participations and in each category, and I believe that communications technology increases the interactive participations. This confirms that interactive communications have become no longer complementary to the specialization, but on the contrary, it has become essential and necessary in many projects characterized by interactive beauty.

4. Overcoming Challenges in Evaluation

C2A: Being part of the judging process involves a deep dive into diverse creative works. What challenges did you face in evaluating the submissions, and how did you overcome them to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: There are some projects whose technical and artistic level are very high and similar in efficiency. After the individual evaluation process for each project separately, a second review from my side have been done one time again is conducted on the equivalent degrees of preference between them based on the criteria specified by C2A. That happened to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment.

5. Memorable Stories in Communication

C2A: Communication is tied to storytelling. Can you share a memorable story or narrative from the submissions that left a lasting impression on you and embodied the essence of effective communication?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: I remember the number of 89 which was the concept of the baseball in Japanese, although it was a print a campaign for TOKYO GIANTS 2023 SEASON VISUAL, but i found there is some story behind the ad like a storytelling but without voice, I remember it.

6. Current Projects and Contributions

C2A: Outside of your role as a C2A juror, could you tell us about a current project or work you’re involved in, and is there something specific you’d like to share with our audience?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: I always participate in art and design exhibitions, especially poster design, in many countries of the world. I also participate in organizing exhibitions abroad as co-curator and evaluating competitions related to advertising and its various fields, especially Poster Design.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan conference talk

7. Emerging Trends in Communication

C2A: Were there emerging trends or approaches in communication that you encountered during the judging process that you believe will have a significant impact on the industry in the coming years?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: Yes, indeed, the use of all kinds of technology, such as virtual exhibition, wayfinding systems, AR/VR, UI & UX Design, and others, as well as projection on famous tourist attractions and other communications technologies.

8. Role of Awards in Shaping Industry Standards

C2A: As a seasoned professional, how do you see the role of awards like C2A in shaping and influencing industry standards and expectations in the field of creative communication?

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan: Awards in general create a competitive environment for innovators in the same field, which results in the permanent development of the field and specialization and thus imposes that presence on the industry, where development and implementation take place and then influence the industry and its artistic, technical and implementation standards in general and in the field of creative communication in particular.

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s Artistic Legacy

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s artistic legacy extends far beyond the borders of his home country. With a myriad of international exhibitions, awards, and contributions as a juror, he has become a beacon in the world of creative communication.
As we continue to witness the evolution of the industry, Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s insights provide a valuable perspective on the intersection of art, technology, and effective communication.

Explore more of Mohamed Zakaria Soltan’s captivating works on his website or his official C2A Jurors’s page .