Bold and emotive cover from Kat Kopecka's Jekyll & Hyde project, emblazoned with the title

Exploring the Creative Process Behind the Award-Winning “Jekyll & Hyde” Project with Kat Kopecka

In an era where digital technology often dims the charm of classic literature, one project has emerged to bridge this gap, reintroducing the timeless narrative of “Jekyll & Hyde” to a modern audience. Crafted by Kat Kopecka, a skilled designer and marketer, this mini-publication package not only celebrates the story’s rich history but also serves as a reflective mirror, urging readers to confront their mental health.

Katarina Kopecka, a Slovakian native turned Melbourne local, leads this initiative. With a rich background that unites design, marketing, and emotional storytelling, Kopecka’s project was recently recognized in the “Art & Culture Books” category, showcasing her innovative approach to mixing classical themes with contemporary design approaches.

About the Project: Reimagining a Classic

Artistic cover of Kat Kopecka's Jekyll & Hyde project featuring the phrase "I want to hide"

Prize: Winner in Art & culture books, Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
University: Swinburne University of Technology
Lead: Katarina Kopecka

The Interview: Insights from Kat Kopecka

1. Can you share more about your background and how it influences your work?

Kat Kopecka: As a graphic designer and marketer with roots in Slovakia, my journey spans from a fine arts high school to a career in marketing, and now, towards completing a bachelor’s in communications design. My passion lies in storytelling and evoking emotions, skills that I leverage in my digital marketing and freelance communication design endeavors.

2. What inspired the direction of the “Jekyll & Hyde” project?

Kat Kopecka: The project aimed to make classical literature appealing to teenagers, with a focus on relatability and emotion. I chose “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” for its exploration of human nature’s duality and its reflection on mental health issues, incorporating personal memories and emotions into my illustrations.

3. What challenges did you encounter during the project’s development?

Kat Kopecka: The project went through several iterations, especially concerning color schemes and layouts, to strike the right balance between a dark, gloomy aesthetic and a modern appeal that resonates with younger audiences.

View of the Jekyll & Hyde publication showcasing intricate typography and thematic illustrations.

4. How do you stay informed about technological advancements like AI, and what is your view on their impact on creativity?

Kat Kopecka: Keeping up-to-date through social media, research, and industry discussions is key. I view new technologies, including AI, as valuable tools that can enhance creativity and efficiency, rather than replacing human creativity.

5. Who are your major influences, and how do they shape your work?

Kat Kopecka: My inspirations are diverse, ranging from Bauhaus designers like Mies van der Rohe, who prioritized functionality, to artists like Henry Toulouse Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha, known for their poster art. Quentin Blake’s storytelling abilities also influence my work, among many others.

6. How does winning a Creative Communication Award feel, and what does it mean for your career?

Receiving this award is both an honor and a thrill. It validates my skills and provides a significant boost to my design career, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Close-up of a page from the Jekyll & Hyde publication paired with a branded bookmark asking "Who do you see?"

A Highlight for Creative Minds

Kat Kopecka’s “Jekyll & Hyde” project serves as a powerful example of how innovative design can breathe new life into classic literature for today’s readers. Through her creative journey, Kopecka not only demonstrates her skill in combining emotional depth with visual appeal but also emphasizes the significance of mental health awareness. As this award-winning project keeps inspiring designers and creatives across the globe, it confirms the lasting importance of storytelling in examining the human condition.

Compilation of four different pages from the Jekyll & Hyde publication showcasing diverse design elements.


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