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Ina Oakley

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Ina Oakley, the creative force behind Buero InaOakley. With a passion for design that spans two decades, Ina has made her mark in corporate design, leaving a trail of impactful projects. Today, we delve into her experience as a winner in the C2A Awards, exploring the impact on her career, creative process, and future aspirations. Let’s hear directly from the visionary mind-shaping brands and stories in the world of design.

1. Hello Ina Oakley. As a previous winner of the C2A Awards, how has winning the award impacted your career or business in the creative industry?

This kind of award brings a lot of visibility and above all, it shows the passion, seriousness, and professionalism that I live in my job.

2. Could you share your experience of the submission and evaluation process for the C2A Awards and any advice you might have for future applicants?

The submission process is easy. The important thing is simply to depict the project authentically unclear, finely tuned to the point. If you love your project, that’s easy too. 🙂

3. What inspires your work, and how do you approach the creative process? Do you have any tips or tricks for staying inspired and creative?

I think creativity is something you live. You can’t turn it on or turn it off. When I’m in a creative design process for a branding piece, I try to dive very deeply into that very brand world. In part, I listen to music that goes with it. Accidentally put on clothes that would fit the look sometimes. I’m then pretty much in that own design world and I love that a lot.

4. What are some of the biggest challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in your career or business, and how have you overcome them?

As a designer, you can go in many directions: Graphic design, illustration, book covers, packaging, and web design. For me, everything was exciting and I dug a little to understand what my common thread is. And that is that design tells stories. For me, design is visual storytelling. And that’s important both in branding, book cover, or web design. That was the most important realization for me.

5. In what ways has winning the C2A Award enhanced your credibility and reputation in the creative industry, and how have you leveraged this to further your career or business?

My two customers are very proud of the identity we have created for them. Through the price, of course, the customer and I also got more visibility – and that’s a great effect!

Team Spirit Factory - Winner in Corporate identity / Branding, Brand design / Branding

6. Have you had any networking opportunities or collaborations as a result of winning the C2A Award, and how have these benefited your career or business?

It’s quite recent but not yet.

7. Have you found that winning the C2A Award has increased the demand for your services or products?

I have a hard time estimating that – but clearly, with more visibility and trust, there is certainly a higher request.

8. Looking back on your experience as a C2A Award winner, what would you say were the most valuable aspects of participating in the awards, and would you recommend it to others in the creative industry?

I would say that this award exudes confidence, passion, and professionalism. I was incredibly proud when the announcement was made. And so, of course, were my clients. And that’s great for customer loyalty.

9. How do you stay current with new trends in the industry?* How do you incorporate these into your work?

I constantly educate myself, read a lot of design magazines, but even flip through very old design books in parallel, because makes things come back. But I always find it important to remain minimalist and timeless as possible in design.

TSF Team Spirit Factory: A dynamic showcase of vibrant branding on diverse products

10. What are your plans and goals for the future, and how do you see your career or business evolving over time?

Good question. Actually, I love everything just the way it is. My business is developing fine and I love my corporate artwork and my clients.

11. How did you hear of the C2A and what made you decide to submit your project?

I think I discovered you on Instagram and found your contributions and the work already submitted very sophisticated and beautiful.


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