Winner 2022 / Branding / Corporate identity

TSF* Team Spirit Factory

  • Prize
    Winner in Corporate identity / Branding, Brand design / Branding
  • Company
    buero inaoakley
  • Lead
    Ina Oakley
  • Team
    Ina Oakley
  • Client
    Janet Friedel

Crazy inspirational ideas & concepts from Berlin to Los Angeles and back again! This is the cornerstone of TSF. When companies go through change, people can feel lost or left out. With its core values of inspiration, freshness & togetherness, TSF guides individuals and motivates teams throughout the change process. Reflecting this, the brand design is loud, bright and inspiring. The background forms represent the creativity and dynamism of the individual members of the greater collective. Forever changing their size and orientation, they depict diversity and consistency working together.