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Howard Schatz: Exploring Human Connections in “Pairs – A Book of Photographs”

Howard Schatz, recognized for his exceptional work in photography, recently received the Best in Books/Photography award at the C2A Awards for his project, “Pairs – A Book of Photographs.” This project offers insight into the complexities of human relationships through photography. Here, Schatz shares his inspirations, the impact of the award on his work, and his approach to the challenges of creative photography.

About the Project: Pairs – A Book of Photographs

In "Pairs - A Book of Photographs," Howard Schatz captures the fluid grace of dancers in a visually stunning portrayal.

Prize: Best of Best in Books/Photography at C2A Awards
Lead: Howard Schatz
Team: Alex Spacher, Design
Client: Personal Project

In “Pairs,” Schatz captures the essence of relationships, presenting images that explore the interactions between individuals. His work invites viewers to reflect on the nuances of connections that exist among people.

Interview with Howard Schatz

1. What motivated you to create ‘Pairs’ and focus on the theme of relationships?

Howard Schatz: I was motivated by a desire to investigate the dynamics of relationships through photography. “Pairs” aimed to capture both the visible and invisible connections between people. The project was an opportunity to explore these themes deeply.

2. How do you ensure your work remains relevant and innovative?

Howard Schatz: Keeping my work relevant involves continuous learning and being open to new ideas. I engage with various forms of visual art to stay informed about current trends and techniques. My focus is on experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my creative practice to maintain innovation in my work.

Howard Schatz captures the essence of connection in "Pairs - A Book of Photographs" with a mesmerizing portrait of actors.

3.How has the C2A Award impacted your career and creative opportunities?

Howard Schatz: The C2A Award has provided recognition within the photography and creative industries. This acknowledgment has opened new avenues for showcasing my work and has inspired me to pursue my creative projects with even greater dedication.

4. What challenges have you encountered in your creative process, and how have you addressed them?

Howard Schatz: Creative challenges are part of the process. They often involve balancing personal vision with technical execution. I address these challenges by being persistent, flexible, and willing to explore various solutions. Learning from each project, whether successful or not, is crucial for growth.

Howard Schatz's "Pairs - A Book of Photographs" unveils abstract beauty, inviting viewers into a visual exploration of connections.

Highlighting Howard Schatz’s “Pairs”: A Study of Connection in Photography

Howard Schatz’s “Pairs” presents a detailed examination of human relationships through photography. His work showcases technical proficiency alongside a keen insight into human connections. As Schatz moves forward with his explorations and innovations, his impact on photography offers meaningful perspectives and encouragement to creatives and designers across the globe.


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