Best of Best 2023 / Photography / Books

PAIRS A book of Photographs

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Books / Photography
    Winner in Other books / Books
  • Company
    Schatz Ornstein Studio
  • Lead
    Howard Schatz
  • Team
    Alex Spacher, Design
  • Client
    Personal Project

My motivating passion: to explore, experiment, search for images that surprise and delight. 365 photographs explore the relationship between two subjects; the visual, graphic, emotional, social, physical and spiritual dynamic that results from the pairing. The connections are sometimes subtle, sometimes not. This is a photographic odyssey into the world of pairs.Couples or colleagues; actors or acrobats; fighters or friends; lovers or dancers; newlyweds or newborns: the images reveal the passionate and dynamic, subtle or obvious, and compelling mystery of relationship.