Main presentation image featuring 2:2 Akvavit with a football ball in the background.

Design Maestro Dzim Apolenis: Unveiling the Victory of 2:2 Akvavit

In the dynamic world of creativity, Dzim Apolenis emerges as a luminary, recently claiming the Best of Best in Brand design and Winner in Beverage/Packaging at the C2A Awards for the 2:2 Akvavit project. This exclusive interview delves into Apolenis’s creative journey, the intricacies of the award-winning project, and the inspiring force behind his imaginative prowess.

Fun Facts About Dzim Apolenis

Before we plunge into the depths of Apolenis’s creative mind, let’s uncover a few fascinating facts about the mastermind behind the 2:2 Akvavit project. Did you know that Apolenis draws inspiration from morning rituals in diverse landscapes, fostering an energy-pumping start to each creative day? This unique approach injects vitality into his designs, crafting a narrative that resonates with audiences globally.

The Award-Winning Project: 2:2 Akvavit

About the Project

Prize: Best of Best in Brand design / Branding, Winner in Beverage / Packaging
Company: Aida Pioneer
Lead: Dzim Apolenis
Client: Mikkelsen distillery

The 2:2 Akvavit project, a brainchild of Dzim Apolenis, is a modern concept of traditional Scandinavian akvavit. Inspired by the Euro 2004 soccer match between Sweden and Denmark, the label reflects the score that led to both teams advancing to the playoffs—a testament to the Scandinavian art of negotiating. This ingenious idea is embodied in a captivating bottle design that weaves together the worlds of sports and spirits.

The Creative Journey

Apolenis’s creative journey with the 2:2 Akvavit project showcases his ability to intertwine storytelling with design. A seasoned branding professional for over two decades, he finds joy in facing new challenges. His morning ritual, fueled by coffee and contemplation, is the breeding ground for ideas that transcend geographical boundaries.

Exclusive Interview with Dzim Apolenis

1. Fresh from your recent win at the C2A Awards, can you share how the recognition has already influenced your perspective on your creative journey or business endeavors?

Dzim Apolenis: It’s an honor. We are happy to be recognised by professional jury. Winning is always about inspiration and push to move forward and create new outstanding brands and designs.

2. Let’s rewind to your journey through the submission and evaluation process for the C2A Awards. What were the standout moments, challenges, or surprises you encountered?

Dzim Apolenis: We participated in many festivals and awards. The submission and evaluation process at C2W Awards was clear and easy. One of the most comfortables. So we enjoyed it.

3. Creativity is a mystic force. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Dzim Apolenis: I’m in branding for over 20 years. Some people think it’s hard to stay interested and motivated for so long. But not for me. I’m the happy one – I do what I really love and enjoy. Every project is different and that’s what I like – new challenges. And the more complicated the better. My time is early morning. No matter where I wake up – in the mountains, by the ocean on in the desert – I always have this morning energy-pumping ritual. Cup of coffee, walk and thinking about my work challenges. That’s when my best ideas come.

Graphic depiction of the score 2:2 on the bottle, inspired by the real football story from Euro 2004

4. Navigating the twists and turns of a creative career often involves overcoming obstacles.What are some of the recent challenges you’ve faced, and how have you tackled them?

Dzim Apolenis: There are over 40 people in our team. My task is not just to lead the, but to keep the atmosphere, feel every one of them, motivate and develop. One of the recent challenges has been getting new professionals on board. It’s hard because it’s not only about skills but getting the right person that would become part of the agency family. I trust HRs but this part of the job I do by myself – talks, coffees, talks again.

5. The ink on your C2A victory is still fresh. In what ways do you anticipate the award impacting your credibility and reputation in the creative industry, and how do you envision leveraging this recognition as you move forward?

Dzim Apolenis: I believe that our success at C2A Awards will help our agency get new clients and interesting connections. We already feel this impact. It motivates us to work harder and gives confidence in our solutions.

6. Networking and collaboration are integral to growth. Have you already seen opportunities or partnerships emerge as a result of your C2A win, and how do you foresee these connections shaping your future in the industry?

Dzim Apolenis: Collaboration inspires and motivates. We already connected with several partners and got interest from some clients. Hope it’ll develop into bright projects.

7. Immediate effects aside, do you foresee winning the C2A Award influencing the demand for your services or products in the near future?

Dzim Apolenis: We got some interest from potential clients. Hope it’s just the beginning and we will get more of it.

8. As a recent C2A Award winner, what aspects of the experience have you found most valuable, and would you encourage others in the creative industry to consider participating?

Dzim Apolenis: Festivals and awards is fun! In gives energy and inspiration to the team. And once you win you demonstrate your client that he has made the right choice trusting you. So I definitely recommend to participate.

Close-up of packaging/branding design directly on 2:2 Akvavit product.

9. Looking ahead, do you see yourself applying for the next edition of the C2A Awards, and what aspects of the competition would motivate you to participate again?

Dzim Apolenis: Sure! We are in next year. Already working on some cases.

10. Staying current is an ongoing challenge. How do you currently keep abreast of new industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you’re excited to incorporate into your work?

Dzim Apolenis: I’m always watching and reading a lot about what’s happening in the industry. Information is everywhere. We also do a weekly industry trend report in the agency and monthly check of new technologies.

11. Future gazing: what plans and aspirations are on the horizon for you, and how do you anticipate your creative journey evolving over time?

Dzim Apolenis: Our motivation is the development. New technologies, approaches, instruments. And new territories – we started to work not only in US and it’s so much fun. Let’s see how I’ll answer to this question next year)

12. Zooming in on your recent triumph, what inspired the winning project you submitted to the C2A Awards?

Dzim Apolenis: 2:2 Akvavit project is inspired by soccer. Our creative lead is a fan. So his knowledge made this project happen. Soccer and alcohol – what a mix. But it worked.

Presentation image featuring 2:2 Akvavit alongside a football ball

Dzim Apolenis from Aida Pioneer- Shaping the Future of Branding

As we conclude this exploration into the creative universe of Dzim Apolenis, the brilliance behind the 2:2 Akvavit project, we witness a designer shaping the future of branding. The recognition garnered at the C2A Awards not only reflects past achievements but propels Apolenis and his agency into a future brimming with possibilities. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking designs from Dzim Apolenis, an artist whose creativity knows no bounds.


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