Main presentation image featuring 2:2 Akvavit with a football ball in the background.

In conversation with Dzim Apolenis, the award-winning designer behind the project ‘2:2 Akvavit’

In this article, Apolenis talks in detail about the inspiration behind the design of his winning project ‘2:2 Akvavit,’ which reimagines traditional Scandinavian akvavit with a package design that reflects the Scandinavian art of negotiation.

About the Project

Prize: Best of Best in Brand Design / Branding, Winner in Beverage / Packaging
Company: Aida Pioneer
Lead: Dzim Apolenis
Client: Mikkelsen distillery

Interview with Dzim Apolenis

1. What inspired the project you submitted to the C2A Awards, leading to your recent success?

Dzim Apolenis: The project 2:2 Akvavit is inspired by soccer. Our creative lead is a fan. So his knowledge made this project happen. Soccer and alcohol – what a mix. But it worked.

2. Can you share how the recognition has influenced your perspective on your creative journey?

Dzim Apolenis: It’s an honor. We are happy to be recognised by the jurors. Winning is always about inspiration and push to move forward and create new outstanding brands and designs.

3. What fuels your imagination, and how do you approach the creative process?

Dzim Apolenis: I’ve been in branding for over 20 years. Some people think it’s hard to stay interested and motivated for so long. But not for me. I’m the happy one – I do what I love and enjoy. Every project is different and that’s what I like – new challenges. And the more complicated the better. My time is early morning. No matter where I wake up – in the mountains, by the ocean, or in the desert – I always have this morning energy-pumping ritual. Cup of coffee, walk and think about my work challenges. That’s when my best ideas come.

Graphic depiction of the score 2:2 on the bottle, inspired by the real football story from Euro 2004

4. What are some of the recent challenges you’ve faced in your creative career, and how have you tackled them?

Dzim Apolenis: There are over 40 people in our team. My task is not just to lead them, but to keep the atmosphere and feel every one of them motivated. One of the recent challenges has been getting new professionals on board. It’s hard because it’s not only about skills but getting the right person who would become part of the agency family. I trust HRs but this part of the job I do by myself – talks, coffees, talks again.

5. How do you see the C2A award influencing your creative career and leveraging this recognition in your future projects?

Dzim Apolenis: I believe that our success at the C2A Awards will help our agency get new clients and interesting connections. We already feel this impact. It motivates us to work harder and gives us confidence in our solutions.

6. How do you stay updated with the latest industry trends, and are there any emerging trends you are looking forward to incorporating into your work?

Dzim Apolenis: I’m always watching and reading a lot about what’s happening in the industry. Information is everywhere. We also do a weekly industry trend report in the agency and a monthly check of new technologies.

7. What are your plans and aspirations, and how do you see your creative journey evolving?

Dzim Apolenis: Our motivation is development. New technologies, approaches, and instruments. And new territories – we started to work not only in the US and it’s so much fun. Let’s see how I’ll answer this question next year.

Close-up of packaging/branding design directly on 2:2 Akvavit product.

Presentation image featuring 2:2 Akvavit alongside a football ball

Dzim Apolenis from Aida Pioneer- Shaping the Future of Branding

As we close the chapter on our insightful journey into Dzim Apolenis’s world of design innovation, we stand in awe of a visionary reshaping the branding industry. His work on the 2:2 Akvavit project exemplifies a blend of creativity and strategic thinking, setting a new standard in the field. This acclaim at the C2A Awards is not just a nod to his past wins but a launchpad for Apolenis and Aida Pioneer to soar into an exhilarating future of creative possibilities. Keep your eyes peeled for more pioneering works from Dzim Apolenis, a maestro whose design ethos is carving a unique path in the branding universe.


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