Detailed close-up of the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL, showcasing intricate design elements and product packaging.

Exploring Design Frontiers: A Conversation with Hajime Tsushima

Explore the innovative world of Hajime Tsushima, the creative genius behind the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL, a recent standout at the C2A Awards.


Prize: Winner in Fashion packaging / Packaging
Company: Tsushima Design
Lead: Hajime Tsushima

Project Description:
This project transforms recycled fibers from 1,000 paper cranes into a towel that’s not just a product but a tribute to Hiroshima’s history and a symbol of peace. Integrating symbols like the “A-bomb train” and “Momiji (Japanese maple),” sales support peace initiatives, showcasing design with purpose.

Showcase of two distinct package designs and two variations of the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL.


1. What inspired the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL project, leading to your C2A Awards win?

Hajime Tsushima: The inspiration came from Hiroshima’s rich history and cultural symbols, aiming to share a message of peace and remembrance through design.

2. How has the C2A Awards recognition influenced your approach to design and business?

Hajime Tsushima: Winning has revived my passion for design, boosting my confidence and opening new avenues for creative and professional growth.

Main image capturing the essence of the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL presentation, showcasing its significance and impact.

3. Can you describe the creative process that led to the unique design of the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL?

Hajime Tsushima: Drawing from Japanese cultural heritage and Hiroshima’s moving history, the design process involved careful consideration of symbolism and material choice, aiming to create a meaningful product within budgetary and resource constraints.

4.Facing challenges is part of the creative journey. How have you navigated these, especially in your recent projects?

Hajime Tsushima: Challenges like budget and resource limitations are tackled through experience and creativity, focusing on achieving the best outcome by utilizing our skills and knowledge.

5. Looking forward, how do you see your recent achievements influencing your future work and opportunities in the design field?

Hajime Tsushima: The C2A award has not only provided confidence but also opened new project opportunities, demonstrating the value of awards for both personal growth and client engagement.

Striking black and white close-up of the HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL, emphasizing its timeless and elegant design.


Concluding our insightful discussion with Hajime Tsushima, it’s clear his work goes beyond traditional design boundaries. The HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL project showcases his ability to merge cultural respect with contemporary design, setting a benchmark for meaningful creations in the industry. As Hajime continues to explore new horizons in design, his journey is a proof of the power of innovative thinking and its impact on society and the environment. Stay tuned for more pioneering projects from Hajime Tsushima, a visionary shaping the future of design with every piece.


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