Winner 2023 / Packaging / Fashion packaging


  • Prize
    Winner in Fashion packaging / Packaging
  • Company
    Tsushima Design
  • Lead
    Hajime Tsushima
  • Team
    Art Director Hajime Tsushima, Creative Director Yukiko Tsushima, Designer Hajime Tsushima, Produce SO@R Service INC
  • Client
    HiroshimaElectric Railway Co.,Ltd

The purpose of this product is to convey Hiroshima's characteristics and wishes for peace. This towel uses 1,000 paper cranes delivered to Hiroshima as recycled fiber. It is a design that incorporates Hiroshima-ness, one is a design that stands out while overlapping the numbers "650" of the "A-bomb train" format. The other is folded paper, and the design is an image of the route running in the center of the road viewed from above. We also intend to contribute to society by donating part of the sales to peace-related projects.