Honorable Mention 2023 / Online Media / Websites

divine spark

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Websites / Online Media
  • Company
    alle guten Dinge
  • Lead
    Daniela Hach, Patricia Urbas
  • Team
    Daniela Hach, Patricia Urbas
  • Client
    Hammerl Kommunikation
  • Credits
    Editor: Thomas Hammerl
  • Video

What inspires creatives? Where does their creative spark come from? For many years Thomas Hammerl asked these questions to top creatives worldwide. The interviews are now compiled on divine-spark.net.The access to the interviews on the home page reflects the random, unstructured way, that creative work can be like. Other than that, the UI is designed to be accessible, clear and well-structured. The layout of the two columns stands for the two halves of the brain, that always work together.All in all, divine spark seeks to arouse inspiration – the essence of creativity.