Honorable Mention 2022 / Branding / Brand identity


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Brand identity / Branding
  • University
    Shillington NY
  • Lead
    Simon Fréour
  • Team
    Simon Fréour

I was tasked with designing the brand identity for a fictional analogue photography store in Melbourne’s Fitzroy district.I decided to change the narrative around photography: photographers aren't just capturing the real world, they are using the real world as inspiration to create imaginary worlds. I dug into the world of esotericism. The brand name, Visions, equates the photographer to a soothsayer, and the gate-shaped logo encloses a camera diaphragm. I then reused the logo’s round shape and a specific grain-based image treatment to show how photography reveals the truth.

I am Simon, a graphic designer from Paris. I studied at Shillington New York.I initially trained as a generalist engineer before working in tech startups as a UX designer, software engineer and CTO. I also created and sold a clothing brand.Creativity has always been an important component of my work, and after years of tinkering with graphic design I decided to get proper training. My analytical, no-nonsense approach to creative work and my soft spot for storytelling naturally pull me towards branding.On the side I enjoy printmaking, surfing, kitesurfing, playing and listening to music.