Honorable Mention 2022 / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars) / Consumer & popular magazines


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Consumer & popular magazines / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
  • University
    Shillington NY
  • Lead
    Simon Fréour
  • Team
    Simon Fréour

This brief was about designing an article and a cover for a fictional music magazine that provides music lovers with powerful stories and careful analyses.My designs treat music as a serious form of entertainment in a contemplative and analytical manner. For the article, my answer was inspired by old technical manuals. The rigid layout with small margins and strong gravity denote the seriousness of the matter at hand. Metaphorical images and playful graphic elements add some nuance to this base. The cover reaches for a somewhat more sensitive, yet still serious approach to music.

I am Simon, a graphic designer from Paris. I studied at Shillington New York.I initially trained as a generalist engineer before working in tech startups as a UX designer, software engineer and CTO. I also created and sold a clothing brand.Creativity has always been an important component of my work, and after years of tinkering with graphic design I decided to get proper training. My analytical, no-nonsense approach to creative work and my soft spot for storytelling naturally pull me towards branding.On the side I enjoy printmaking, surfing, kitesurfing, playing and listening to music.