Honorable Mention 2020 / Typography / Other typography


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Other typography / Typography
  • Company
  • Designer
    Chih-Yuan Chang

Hollow Typography demonstrates playful typography of different corner setting. In Illustrator, there are three other options for adjusting the corners: inverted round, chamfer, and round. With a circle cutting out the center of each character, it makes the font charming and unique. Along with the shape, the chromatic gradient and the 3D effect applied to each of the figures enhance more distinctive characteristics. As to the colors, I applied RGB as the three main colors to the 3D perspective shapes to make the fonts more recognizable.

Born in Taiwan and based in New York, Chih-Yuan (Jacky) is an interdisciplinary designer who devotes himself to communicating visually using multiple tools and experimenting with various materials. His work strikes to deliver concrete ideas through sophisticated and detail-oriented visuals. He is proficient in visual communication, printmaking, UX/UI, installation design, brand design, and photography.