Honorable Mention 2020 / Exhibition design / Tradeshows

Godzilla x Murakami x HUF Booth at ComplexCon

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Tradeshows / Exhibition design
  • Company
    OOO Studios
  • Designer
    Khoa Ha
  • Design Team
    Jon Ancheta, Sean Garrison, Art Presto Japan, Kamari Smith, Omar Guerra

To celebrate the King of Monsters’ 65th anniversary, we created a booth design to introduce the new collaborative collection of Godzilla x Takashi Murakami x HUF, showcasing a 10-feet tall Murakami painting on custom shaped wood, a HUF skate decks display wall, and a smoking, roaring 15-feet Godzilla. By strategically allocating sections within a 10’ x 40’ booth space, the booth design offered a non-traditional, two-sided viewing experience with a central walkway, allowing fans to explore sections of the booth as separate spaces.

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