Winner 2023 / Retail / Retail interior design

Imagination Laboratory

  • Prize
    Winner in Retail interior design / Retail
  • Company
    Kuansen Space Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead
    Yu Chieh Lin
  • Team
    Yu Chieh Lin
  • Client
    Micro Electricity
  • Credits
    Photo by : JIMMY

The corporate identity colors of blue and high-color yellow are used as the main colors, echoing the images of solar energy, green electricity, and sustainability, while tree-shaped wood structural columns and draped plants are the visual focal points. The walls of the space are decorated with light wood grain and light gray to create a warm, bright, and calm working atmosphere, and the floor texture is used to divide the area, allowing thoughts to move freely through the space. It's a positive energy storage plant and a continuous electric experiment field to stimulate sustainable innovation!