Winner 2023 / TV / Film / Animation / Promotional video

Sensata INSIGHTS Brand Launch

  • Prize
    Winner in Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation
  • Company
  • Lead
    Michael Stiff, Associate Creative Director
  • Team
    Michael Calk, Account Executive; Scott Markman, President; Chip Balch, Creative Director of Marketing Strategy & Research; Dan Bauer, Senior Director; Bob Rytter, Brand Strategist; Mark Wegwerth, Copywriter; Adam Moorman, Video Director
  • Client
    Sensata Technologies
  • Video

Sensata Technologies provides the world’s largest automotive and aerospace manufacturers with cutting-edge sensing technology that collectively generate zetabytes of data. Through three acquisitions the Sensata INSIGHTS offering was born to distill meaningful, actionable insights from all this data.The name INSIGHTS is deliberately capitalized to stand out from the commonly used noun. The visual design language, while nodding to the parent brand, makes a bold statement though contrast and typography. Black and white photography and a warm color palette are strategically used as well.