Best of Best 2023 / Social Responsibility / Social responsibility Focus

EPICURSUS | multifunction wheelchair

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Social responsibility Focus / Social Responsibility
  • University
    Shih Chien University
  • Lead
    Kao Ying-Kai
  • Team
    Kao Ying-Kai
  • Video

This is a product that integrates the functions of a wheelchair and a walker, designed to help elderly individuals with mobility issues maintain their exercise routine and social activities. It addresses the need for outdoor rehabilitation and wheelchair use, and comes with detachable accessories for easy communication and interaction with others. EPICURSUS revolutionizes the traditional wheelchair usage scenario, catering to the physiological and psychological needs of the elderly population when they go out.

I'm a graduating student from the Industrial Product Design Department at Shih Chien University in 2023. I've participated in events like YODEX Design Exhibition, D&AD Design Award, and Core77 Design Award, where I've received recognition, including the Best Design of the Year Award. I'm currently involved in the overseas elite training program organized by the Ministry of Education (SPOSAD NTKU). I'm actively seeking opportunities in industries and design-related fields to expand my network and gain valuable experience.