Winner 2023 / Advertising / Integrated campaigns

Grammarly | Reclaim your Title

  • Prize
    Winner in Integrated campaigns / Advertising
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Lead
    Tarinee Rajaraman
  • Team
    Tarinee Rajaraman, Karlos Kuan

Gendered labels like "SHE-O," "girl boss," and "boss babe" often restrict women in professional settings. These labels are problematic because they reinforce a misogynistic perspective that we, as a society, are trying to overcome. The campaign, 'Reclaim your Title' aims to educate the audience on how imperative it is to move beyond gendered labels in the workplace and recognize what truly matters. So, with the world’s leading language assistant, Grammarly, whose goal is to improve lives by improving communication - we rewrite this narrative - so that we can remove gender from the equation.