Winner 2023 / Advertising / Innovative technologies (VR and other)


  • Prize
    Winner in Innovative technologies (VR and other) / Advertising
  • University
    University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
  • Lead
    Josefa Rackl
  • Video

»Synergy« visualizes electronic music with the help of AI. The artificial intelligence »Cyanite« analyzes pieces of music and categorizes them with genre, character and energy tags. This data then influences parameters such as color, shape and movement, creating generative music visualizations. Thus, a synergistic design system is formed – based on statistical data as well as creative intuition. Viewers can use an interface to explore the interrelationships within the design system. The result is an immersive experience that makes the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence visible.

Josefa Rackl is an interaction designer working on the intersection of design and technology. Her passion for logic and code allows her to pursue her urge for visual exploration unrestrictedly.