Best of Best 2023 / Advertising / Innovative technologies (VR and other)


  • Prize
    Best of Best in Innovative technologies (VR and other) / Advertising
    Winner in User Interface design / UI & UX Design
  • University
    ArtCenter College of Design
  • Lead
    Ziyi Zhou, Tianhao He, Yizhen Guo, Ruiying Xu
  • Video

Knovo is an AR+VR educational system in the Metaverse, using AI to offer personalized assignments aligned with school curriculum and career interests. It enhances knowledge retention and practical application through gamified interaction and rewards, supporting holistic learning and school education. Users can delve into three-dimensional environments, providing a deeper understanding and practical application of knowledge and courses. This immersive approach bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world application, ensuring a more comprehensive learning experience.