Winner 2023 / Advertising / Direct marketing

2022 Golf Cart Mailer

  • Prize
    Winner in Direct marketing / Advertising
  • Company
    Applied Underwriters, Inc.
  • Lead
    Nate Wells
  • Team
    Alexander Egner, Rustie Kaster, and Thomas Irvin
  • Credits
    Photos by: M&G Studios Inc
  • Video

Applied Underwriters’ 2022 summer promotion allows the independent insurance agents and brokers who sell our policies to earn golf equipment, and this year the top reward was a course-dominating, all-electric ICON Electric Vehicles i40L golf cart.A promo mailer featured a keychain that popped up upon opening, in front of a pop-out reproduction of the actual golf cart. The cart’s contours were laser-diecut to bring out the details of the seats, steering column, and tires. The keychain’s medallion featured the “More Golf” campaign tagline, and our St. Bernard logo on the obverse.

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