Winner 2023 / UI & UX Design / User Experience Design

Build With Strength

  • Prize
    Winner in User Experience Design / UI & UX Design
  • Company
    DDC Public Affairs
  • Lead
    Kevin Lawlor, Molly Wiley
  • Team
    Michal Davis, Molly Wiley, Shiqi Cai, Franny Peterson-Sand, Marizabel Cabrera, Earle Davies, Joey Smith
  • Client
    National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Much like concrete itself, we wanted to create a platform that was sustainable, innovative, and resilient, something that could scale as the program evolved over time. Build With Strength had long outgrown their previous website and it was not an accurate reflection of the well-established brand they had created amongst the design and build community. We needed to create a website that embodied not only the brand, but the foundational experience of concrete: structurally sound, flexible in design, innovative in its application, and most of all, engaging.