Winner 2023 / UI & UX Design / User Interface design

Evo.art Website Design

  • Prize
    Winner in User Interface design / UI & UX Design
  • Company
  • Lead
    Chris Martinie
  • Team
    Julia Keller, Chris Martinie, Sharon Lee, Rena O’Brien
  • Client

Evo.art partnered with L+R to create a seamless digital experience centered around technology, integrity, and excellence.L+R's design process focused on creating a user-focused website showcasing Evo.art's vision while providing a seamless experience for the viewer. L+R worked with Evo.art to design the UX/UI of the website, strengthen the brand, and effectively convey the unique perspective of Evo.art to a global audience.The result is a visually stunning web3 website that stands out in the digital art market.