Winner 2023 / UI & UX Design / User Interface design


  • Prize
    Winner in User Interface design / UI & UX Design, User Experience Design / UI & UX Design
  • Lead
    Augustina(Ao) Liu
  • Video

MindUp helps people cultivate the habit of mindfulness journaling to reduce anxiety levels. It combines multiple-choice questions and freestyle writing to reduce the time needed for mindfulness journaling, which helps users reflect on their daily experiences efficiently. Users can collect daily punches over time to visualize their progress and motivate themselves to practice mindfulness journaling. The daily punch system’s aesthetically pleasing gamification elements make the entire experience more enjoyable. MindUp also provides curated meditation playlists to strengthen users’ mindfulness.

Augustina(Ao) Liu is the product designer at Wynd Technologies. She is a passionate designer and believes that design should be empowering and inclusive. Her passion for inclusive design was sparked during her volunteer work where she noticed seniors with degraded abilities struggling to use modern technology. When studying Human-Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, she focused on design solutions incorporating accessibility and inclusion. Now, Augustina strives to bring accessibility and functionality to the forefront of design and create products everyone can use.