Winner 2023 / TV / Film / Animation / Promotional video

Mettler Toledo Product Launch - Virtual Production

  • Prize
    Winner in Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation
  • Company
  • Lead
    Genna Aulakh
  • Team
    John Bullen, Stu Amos, Lauren Mosettig, James Cook, Genna Aulakh
  • Client
    Mettler Toledo
  • Video

Mettler Toledo is a global company that produces products for industrial manufacturing; they came to Wooshii with the challenge of creating a launch video to promote a new-to-market weighing product. Wooshii's creative team developed the 'Life In Colour' concept, using our LED wall to celebrate the variety of consumer products that the Mettler Toledo weighing scale helps to produce. Game-changing virtual production tech allowed us to shoot multiple scenarios in a single day, and see those scenarios come to life in real-time, with the Mettler Toledo product the hero at the centre of it all.