Best of Best 2023 / TV / Film / Animation / Promotional video

Andis Company beSPOKE Centennial Trimmer Launch Video

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Promotional video / TV / Film / Animation
  • Company
    The Evoke Agency
  • Lead
    Josh Landowski
  • Team
    Jeffrey Lunnen, Jenna Mytton, Tridia Tshimanga, Josh Landowski, Nate Foulks, Aaron Schmidt, Daniel Donahue, Taylor Buell
  • Client
    Andis Company
  • Video

The Evoke Agency crafted a product launch video for Andis Company to communicate product benefit and innovation; the video needed to highlight Andis’ points of differentiation without going deep into product education. This launch was a delicate balance of many things; legacy with modernity, product engineering with colloquial audience language and innovation with fundamental functionality. When highlighting the product design, the video needed to speak directly to professional barbers and explain not only what the trimmer can do but why it is beneficial to the buyer.