Winner 2023 / Packaging / Beverage

Puncher's Chance - The Undisputed

  • Prize
    Winner in Beverage / Packaging
  • Company
    Coho Creative
  • Lead
    Jon Shapiro, Founder & Chief Creative Officer
  • Team
    Mike Skrzelowski, Executive Creative Director; Monica Campbell, Design Director; Kevin Bova, Senior Designer - Rendering Development
  • Client
    Wolf Spirit Distillery

Puncher’s Chance The Undisputed is a single barrel Kentucky bourbon made to impress connoisseurs. COHO Creative developed naming and packaging to convey a balance of strength and appeal. “The Undisputed” proclaims this bourbon a reigning champion, and the design picks up visual cues from boxing championship belts. The tiger embodies power and unifies with the larger brand. The matte black background resembles boxing gloves, and a regal crimson and gold seal crowns the design. With over 2500 cases sold in two months, The Undisputed proves its worth in the market and builds brand unity.