Winner 2023 / Packaging / Food


  • Prize
    Winner in Food / Packaging
  • Company
    A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication
  • Lead
    Antonia Skaraki
  • Client
  • Video

Introducing a high protein yogurt dessert that blends the goodness of yogurt and egg. The name cleverly fuses the letters from both ingredients, with 'yog' from 'yogurt' borrowing a 'g' from 'egg' to create a new sensation. The double 'g' adds dynamism to this product, catering to health-conscious individuals. Subtly, it conveys a perception of double nutritional value. Breaking away from the usual black, the vibrant blue color sets it apart in the category. A captivating close-up of the spoon with the product evokes desire and symbolizes strength.

We’ve been around for 30 years. And turn younger by the day. We’re one solid team of 8 different characters. We believe creativity can change the world. We take our work seriously but not ourselves. Before we analyze a product, we sense its aura. Before we categorize it, we feel its power. We have the passion to make a difference and the knowledge to support it. We walk first then run. We don’t look troubled when troubleshooting. Every idea is a positioning on life. Every client is unique. We have a journey together. Let’s walk.