Winner 2023 / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars) / Acedemic journals

Infographics for Max Planck Research

  • Prize
    Winner in Acedemic journals / Other Print (Magazines, Newspapers, Calendars)
  • Company
    GCO Medienagentur
  • Lead
    Martin Reznicek
  • Team
    Martin Reznicek, Gabriele Weihmayer, Anita Olarescu
  • Client
    Max Planck Society

Max Planck Research reports on basic research in the natural sciences and the humanities. It presents the results of this research, but also places them in larger technical and social contexts. With a double-page spread in each issue, a complex context is made understandable by means of information graphics. Topics range from the profitability of wind power to the occurrence of hexagons as geometric shapes in nature.