Winner 2023 / Online Media / Websites

Siren Biotechnology

  • Prize
    Winner in Websites / Online Media
  • Lead
    Orrbitt Creative Group
  • Team
    Nick Pagano, Brian Lewis, Brittany Isabella, Rachel Diazéna, Michelle Enos, John Stewart, Isabel Balee, Jason Sausaman
  • Client
    Siren Biotechnology

Siren Biotechnology was (prior to their May 2023 public launch) a stealth-mode biotech startup focused on Immuno-Gene Therapy for Cancer. They needed a top-flight website to launch the company into the life sciences spotlight. Siren already had a logo, so our custom site design lightly revolved around elements of the existing logo & brand, with many additional flares from our talented design & web dev crew. We also illustrated Siren’s scientific graphics from the napkin sketches of the Ph.D. founders to better communicate their innovations to fellow scientists and investors.