Best of Best 2023 / Functional Typography / Wayfinding

Brentwood School

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Wayfinding / Functional Typography
  • Company
    RSM Design
  • Lead
    Cody Clark
  • Team
    Cody Clark, Kate Gilman
  • Client
    Brentwood School
  • Credits
    Josh Cho Photography

Brentwood School is an independent K-12 day school in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The team was invited to complete a donor recognition signage program to complement the contemporary architecture. During the design process, the team was influenced by the values of the school: creativity, diversity, and excellence. The design team chose hues of red and blue for the signage and brought in warm wooden features to juxtapose the modern materials. The balance of the school’s values and the architecture led the team to create a signage system that honored the donors that contributed to the school.