Winner 2023 / Branding / Brand identity

City Colleges of Chicago Rebrand

  • Prize
    Winner in Brand identity / Branding
  • Company
    Simple Truth Communication Partners Inc
  • Lead
    Kim Terzis
  • Team
    Alex Sommerville, Connor Pinto, Kim Terzis, Brea Malloy, Steve Batterson, Haley Henning, Cathy Fields, Rhonda Kokot
  • Client
    City Colleges of Chicago
  • Credits
    Research by C+R Research

Working with City Colleges of Chicago stakeholders at the district level as well as all seven community colleges, we created an architecture that connected the entire brand system and gave each college unique culture drivers and personality traits. From there, we built a brand identity and expression system that’s on the move and full of heart. This allows each college to be themselves but also give students city-wide one system that’s seven strong.The result: 2022 enrollment is +6.9% year over year, exceeding Illinois community college and national averages.