Winner 2023 / Branding / Promotional items

Women Empowerment

  • Prize
    Winner in Promotional items / Branding, Social responsibility Focus / Social Responsibility
  • Company
    A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication
  • Lead
    Antonia Skaraki
  • Team
    A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication
  • Client
    A.S. Strategy Branding & Communication
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This corporate gift sends a powerful message, exposing the widespread abuse endured by women regardless of their background. Cretan Tsikoudia fills bottles shaped to symbolize, each a different woman, adorned with distinct clay faces, embodying Freedom, Change, Equality, Justice, Education, Choice, and Strength.Each bottle is placed in a dedicated box with artistic graphic representations which are made into a wall poster. The back of each box displays over 2000 female names, uniting women worldwide in solidarity.

We’ve been around for 30 years. And turn younger by the day. We’re one solid team of 8 different characters. We believe creativity can change the world. We take our work seriously but not ourselves. Before we analyze a product, we sense its aura. Before we categorize it, we feel its power. We have the passion to make a difference and the knowledge to support it. We walk first then run. We don’t look troubled when troubleshooting. Every idea is a positioning on life. Every client is unique. We have a journey together. Let’s walk.