Winner 2023 / Branding / Brand identity

Neptune Coffee & Drinks Branding

  • Prize
    Winner in Brand identity / Branding
  • Lead
    Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira
  • Client
    Neptune Coffee & Drinks

Neptune Coffee & Drinks is a new cafe in Izmir, Turkey. Brand name is inspired by the sea god Neptune, branding reflects this concept with a series of design choices.The colors are chosen as deep blue and mint green to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Brighter colors are used as secondary, to compliment the sunny and refreshing energy of the cafe.The typography choices are clean, with a nod to traditional cafe signage. Title typeface has a warm and intimate mood while the body typeface is easy to read; the combination creates a sense of young energy and a welcoming feeling.

Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira is a freelance brand designer based in Paris, France. She has 10 years of experience bringing brands to life. Services include visual brand identity, packaging and web design.