Best of Best 2023 / Exhibition design / Virtual exhibition


  • Prize
    Best of Best in Virtual exhibition / Exhibition design
  • Company
    Coordination Asia (Shanghai) Architecture Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Lead
    Tilman Thürmer
  • Team
    Tilman Thürmer, David Keohane, Tommy Jiang, Yusi Li, Siyi Liu, Ding Xu, Yelie Wu, Yichun Chen
  • Client
    Shanghai G+ Culture Creative Developing Co.,Ltd
  • Video

SHMOG NXT is a pioneering 3D virtual museum experience created for Shanghai Museum of Glass. Combining creativity and human-centric innovation, SHMOG NXT seamlessly blends physical and virtual realities. The project, built on a digital twin of the iconic museum, has been carefully designed to provide a unique, immersive cultural adventure through real-time VR interface. The adoption of cutting-edge technologies like Unreal Engine 5.1 and machine learning has reinvented the way people interact with exhibits, facilitating exploration and learning.