Winner 2023 / Books / Brochures

Hi! 2023

  • Prize
    Winner in Brochures / Books
  • Company
    ad house public Co., Ltd.
  • Lead
    Yuta Ikarashi
  • Client
    Niigata College Of Health Science

Brochure for medical professional schools. There are two types: a digest version and a limited premium version. The cover of the digest edition is based on the concept of "valuing people," with eight different patterns in warm two-color combinations inspired by the "dialogue between two parties," such as students and teachers, or senior and junior students. The deluxe edition is a pure white world meant to let diverse personalities shine through. The cover is an icon expressing the dialogue. The enclosed guide and the case are also designed to unify the brand's worldview.

Born in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture. After graduating from Nagaoka Zokei University, worked at a design company in Niigata City before joining Ad House Public. He has received many awards including Niigata ADC 2010 Member Jury Award, 2011 Special Jury Award, 2017 ADC Award and Division Award, 2019 ADC Award, 2021 Special Jury Award and Division Award, 2022 Grand Prix, Niigata ADC Award and New Designer Award and Division Award. He also has much experience in poster design for Albirex Niigata and art direction for museum exhibitions, and specializes in total design for corporate brands.