Winner 2023 / Annual Reports / Digital annual reports

Lenzing Group Annual Report 2022: Advancing circularity and the people making it happen

  • Prize
    Winner in Digital annual reports / Annual Reports
  • Company
  • Lead
    Awa Jaram
  • Team
    Lindsay Cast, Christian Kett, Jo Murphy
  • Client
    Lenzing Group
  • Credits
    Design implementation and web build by Nexxar
  • Video

Lenzing's annual report focuses on their journey towards becoming champions of circularity, with an emphasis on the people driving the change.The report tells stories through three lenses: sustainability, investment, and innovation – with a visual language that reflects Lenzing's focus on a circular business model, layering and building throughout – taking the viewer on the journey too.The human-focused imagery and storytelling of the annual report contrasts with the more graphic and statistics-based style used on its twin sustainability report.