Best of Best 2023 / Social Responsibility / Social responsibility Focus

Only In Albuquerque

  • Prize
    Best of Best in Social responsibility Focus / Social Responsibility
    Winner in Social media campaigns / Advertising
  • Company
  • Lead
    Neil MacLean
  • Team
    Neil MacLean, Carl Sturgess, Nicholas Dahl, Ben Aguirre, Jeff Meltz, Chelsea Bassler, Lisa Omore, Nat Meier, Brett Baker, Evan Groll, Shaandiin Tome, Kalen Goodluck,Sylvian Chaussee, Brandon Smith, Daniel Freeman, John Vossoughi, Olivia Komahcheet, Adrian Gordon Cooke, Elliot Powell
  • Credits
    EP/Managing Director: Ivan Narez-Hurtado
  • Video

Square’s “Only In” series is an exploration of local communities, businesses, and identities. Its intention is to provide a platform for the entrepreneurs who have historically been left out of mainstream conversations about economic empowerment. ("Only In Albuquerque" explores the Native American community.) Starting a business is about more than money. You don’t have to be cut from a certain cloth to be a business owner. Whether it’s doing things your own way, redefining wealth, or creating safe spaces, it’s often one’s community that helps to shape one’s idea of success.